Philosophy Sold @ Target Now

Holy cow! Target sells Philosophy now?

When did this happen and why wasn’t I sent the memo?

So far it’s only the 3-1 Shower Gels but it’s kinda neat that Target is carrying the selections!

Nab some now plus free shipping and here’s a coupon from your dear old Muse to use while you’re shopping!

10% Off plus Free Shipping using promo code EVW6WK7W

  • 8/12/08 12:05 Decorative Diva:

    Is this online only, or in-store?


  • 8/12/08 14:24 Tammy M:

    I did not get this memo either!!!!

    Hmmm, I wonder if they are “authorized” after that big scandal with Bare Escentuals….


  • 8/12/08 14:34 jkim:

    i went to a target a few weeks ago and saw that they were carrying origins. that would be great if i saw these in the stores next time i went.


  • 8/12/08 14:46 the Muse:


    totally hear you! I was wondering the exact same thing!

    I seen a review on how costco has stila on sale..wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole after all the drama that surrounds those prepacks!

    my target still has the BE kits if you can believe it!



  • 8/12/08 14:47 the Muse:

    hey jkim!

    how are you lovie?!

    origins? No kid! They are moving up in the world 😉


  • 8/12/08 20:16 JennBee:

    Oh wow! That’s very cool! I can get these discounted, too; my bf’s mother works there :) Whoo!

    Did something happen between Target and BE? Yikes.


  • 8/13/08 10:03 the Muse:

    hey jenn 😉

    w00t! Extra discount! yay!

    Yes..sadly Target was selling unauthorized quantities of BE and still are. BE was really peeved about this. uh oh 😛


  • 8/13/08 11:55 Tammy M:

    Now I heard that Costco is selling MAC eyeshadows….ummm, no. I will only buy MAC from MAC or the CCO, that’s it.

    That was like the big scandal of Sam’s Club selling Coach and Fendi purses…hello!?!

    What drama with Stila prepacks? I have never used Stila so I think I missed that one.


  • 8/13/08 13:32 the Muse:

    oh you joke!


    I’d never buy mac shadows from costco..or any makeup for that know it’s so not right considering the scandal with sams/costcos and all the cosmetic brands/designer brands!

    Stila is sold in prepacks and again it’s back to the age old not being authorized to sell it which leads you to wonder where they got these items…hmm fell off a truck maybe?!


  • 8/14/08 0:05 jkim:

    hey muse! hope you’re doing well!

    i know! tarzjay totally stepping up and out! although, the prices they list for the shower gels are about a buck more than sephora, etc. hmm…


  • 8/14/08 6:53 yummy411:

    wowzers! when i saw bare minerals being sold i felt it was only a matter of time. also, i think they want to give boots some competition. thanks for the heads up!


  • 8/14/08 8:10 the Muse:

    hello jkim! :)

    I’m great and you?

    I noticed that hehe..but still you can haul with the 10 percent off they always have =-)


  • 8/14/08 8:11 the Muse:

    hey kia!

    agreed! How great would it be for target and drugstores to start carrying better lines a la Japan!


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