Smashbox Wicked Lovely Fall Collection 2008

Smashbox has certainly redeemed itself in the Muse’s eyes after her disappointment with the Spring collection entitled Green House. I just wasn’t feeling Green House but I’m definately feeling the love for the new Smashbox Wicked Lovely.

This collection looks outstanding and I’m very eager to try it! The collection consists of a selection of makeup that can be used to create a wicked or a lovely look hence the name eh?

I like the idea of a collection that can be played up against your darker side (an evening look maybe?) and your lighter side (a daytime, playful look perhaps?). The contrasts of shades definately has something for everyone whether you prefer a softer nude look or a bolder, vampy look.

I’m partial to the new design of the palettes as well in their slick, black compacts sporting a bit of goth. Although the packaging has a dark edge it gets a bit of it’s innocent and “lovely” look from the lighter shades in the collection.

I’m liking the looks of Smashbox Wicked Lovely for sure so much so that I’ll be reviewing some for you later next week!

Loving this collection?

Are you Wicked or Are you Lovely?

Tell the Muse!

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  • 8/26/08 22:58 Dancinggal:

    Wow, I am loving that model’s make up! So sexy!!!

    Hope you had a good weekend!


  • 8/27/08 3:59 PaoPao:

    I’m lovely wicked!

    Have to try the lippies (the shadow trio looks good too).

    Lots of hugs!


  • 8/27/08 8:14 the Muse:

    hi dancinggal!

    Thanks honey you too!

    I love it too 😉 can never pull it off myself though as I’m “cute” and not sexy darn it!


  • 8/27/08 8:15 the Muse:

    hi pao pao!


    I like the wicked myself but definately can see myself pulling off lovely :)


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