The British Are Invading New York!

Plenty of gorgeous beauty bloggers are popping up all over the Internet today!

One of the Muse’s very favorite bloggers and mates, Zara, from Kiss and Makeup is working her gorgeous self on the streets of New York!

See? Not all the gorgeous girls are on the runway! Some of them are right on the streets of New York City (or visiting my lovely city from the UK)!

Check out more about what Zara’s wearing and what she’s up to by reading the article at Instyle UK.

Visit with Zara at Kiss and Makeup.

  • 9/12/08 10:50 Anonymous:

    ooh, I love Zara! (and Gemma :) )



  • 9/12/08 12:01 the Muse:

    hi lucy!

    Me too :)

    They are awesome aren’t they!?

    Nice girls!


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