Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow

I have my eye on this:

I wandered into Sephora hoping and praying it would be in stock but sadly it’s not yet available. I am tempted to order it from Fresh’s site as I’m simply gagging to try it!

It’s an illuminating makeup primer in a sheer cream formula that creates a radiant glow to skin.


It sounds amazing from the description and I can see myself indulging in this soon so expect a review from yours truly as soon as I have it in my greedy little hands!

Tried this?

Want to?

Tell the Muse!

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  • 9/2/08 22:56 Asta:

    I’m all for more primer reviews! My goal for this fall is to find a fabulous primer. (Summer goal to find great lipstick = success!)


  • 9/3/08 9:36 the Muse:

    hi asta!

    LOL you got it 😉

    More to follow soon!

    What’s the great lipstick?

    Share? :)


  • 9/3/08 16:16 Asta:

    The great lipstick is Lightly Ripe. I wear it alllllll the time. It’s perfect by itself for work but I love layering the CoC lipglasses on top (mostly Jampacked and Rich and Ripe). I also bought O and love it to death, but it’s more of an evening look for me. Like I mentioned I’m in love with some UD colors too, so I should be set for now. Yay!


  • 9/4/08 11:14 the Muse:

    hi asta!

    Awesome 😉 It’s a great shade!!!!!!

    CoC had some seriously awesome lip products!

    I LOVE the UD stuff too! God the colors are so rich 😉

    So happy you found your HG’s lippies for the season! 😉


  • 10/28/08 10:54 jackie:

    have you tried this yet? what do you think of it? i really would like to try this product, and i trust your word on it.


  • 10/28/08 11:26 the Muse:

    hi jackie!

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this but it was too dewy and shimmery for me. I think it would make my full face look even fuller.

    It’s supposed to work as a primer so if you’re wanting it for that purpose I don’t rec it as it didn’t seem to fill any pores or do anything for making foundation last longer!

    However if you want a dewy look to your face it might work well..but it’s a bit small for the price so I’m torn about purchasing it.

    I recommend heading in and swatching it and feeling it for yourself…you might like it.


  • 1/5/10 15:54 suz:

    I’ve tried one primer…smashbox…and I don’t know…they don’t seem to work for my combination skin and acne prone skin…blah blah…don’t know why…so I don’t know if I’ll dive in and buy any primers….on a second though….I could swear I found the perfect primer…and I forgot the name of it…it was my friends…and I used it on her wedding day…too bad I never forgot the name..and she wouldn’t know the name..if the cat bit her!


    • 1/5/10 15:54 suz:



    • 1/15/10 12:03 the Muse:

      suz me either. I like asian ones b/c most times they are moist minus silicon thank god. Sounds great?! hehe but would love a name always looking for a primer that might be HG as I haven’t found one!


  • 1/27/11 12:10 anonymous:

    Muse, just a reader tip. I didn’t expect to like Twilight myself but applied under foundation just enough seems to shine through to give a nice radiance. Way more flattering than expected. Lovely ethereal glow on light skin (but I use it under heavier foundations to lighten things up, def overkill for bare or light foundation). Props for lack of silicones.


    • 1/27/11 12:35 the Muse:

      thanks hun! will try that out!


      • 1/27/11 12:44 anonymous:

        I know you gotta get your glow on! I think you also like silicone free/sensitive? (or is that just christine?)

        my face loves silicone finish but revenge is swift & merciless. favs: lorac, fresh twi & korres (but korres sometimes feels heavy on me)


        • 1/27/11 16:45 the Muse:

          def rose hate silicones ;-D they are the devil’s work hehe! my fav of the moment is NYX HD Primer LOVES!


          • 1/27/11 16:52 anonymous:

            I know! evil stuff. TG for the ones I like. will keep NYX in mind if I ever finish the ones I HAVE. *sigh*

            not much NYX around here I don’t think & I HATE ulta’s website.

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