Lavshuca Rouge Star Classic Lipstick Review

Since Lavshuca Fall Collection for 2008 failed to impressed me this year I actually avoided purchasing anything aside from one lonely lipstick.

If you’re not in the know Lavshuca released a full size lipstick this season entitled Rouge Star Classic. I believe this is the first time Lavshuca has ventured into doing a full size lipstick so it definately had me wanting to try it.

It’s mmm…ok…nothing to write home.

It got mine in the color RD-2 and I’m particularly glad I only got one color because the formula isn’t excactly fantastic. It sports an identical formula as the regular mini-size Jewel Lips which honestly I do adore however I’m not completely in love with the texture on either the Jewel Lips or the Rouge Star Classic.

The formula is slightly gritty and although they promise to be major moisturizing and contain “moisture wrapping oil” whatever the hell that is, I fail to see any of that during application. They glide on well enough with a very slight gritty feel but I’ve just tried better. I think I might have fell out of love with Lavshuca’s lippie selection when I discovered much better Japanese lipstick options.

RD-2 is a deeper pink shades with a bit of a red tinge and fine gold shimmer. It looks quite classical on the lips but this fails to redeem the crummy texture and formula of the actual product. Props goes to the packaging for the interesting slim line tube that matches with the newer Lavshuca packaging.

14 shades are available of this new line but I don’t see myself indulging in anymore than this one. The novelty of Jewel Lips is most definately the size which is why I own so many however Rouge Star Classic has nothing special to offer and is just a mediocre lipstick. For a few dollars more you can get yourself one of Urban Decay’s outstanding lipsticks. Each lipstick retails for 1,575 yen.

Size Comparison: Lavshuca Jewel Lips Mini, Lavshuca’s New Rouge Star Classic, and MAC Lipstick

The Muse enjoyed the packaging, liked trying this out, but definately will not indulge in further colors. Cute but fails to hold my interest!

Wearing Lavshuca Rouge Star Classic Lipstick in RD-2

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  • 9/4/08 20:16 pinkcrow:

    Thanks for the review- I’ve been eying these, and now I think I can safely skip ’em. More $$ for other treats!


  • 9/5/08 8:56 Dao:

    Hi Muse,

    I’m doing ok although not too fantastic these days, thanks for asking btw.

    The rouge color looks nice and you look wonderful as always! Anyways, may I have one minute of shameless advertising?

    Please come to my blog on Monday, I have a FOTD just for you 😀 I actually thought of you when I did the makeup :)


  • 9/5/08 11:19 the Muse:

    hi pinkcrow!

    You’re welcome dear :)

    Don’t bother. Really not worth it. I’d go with a UD lippie’ll be way happier :)


  • 9/5/08 11:21 the Muse:

    hiya dao!

    Aw everything alright lovie? You’re most welcome!

    Aw shucks *blush* thanks :)

    LOL advertise away :)

    Awww I’m flattered! I’ll be over Monday to have a peek :) I look forward to seeing what you created!


  • 11/9/08 11:35 Yukiki:

    Despite the horrible texture, I still want to buy the shade you got! It looks so gorgeous on you! ^_^


  • 11/10/08 9:41 the Muse:

    aw thanks so much yukiki :)

    The color sure is nice but I was a tiny bit disappointed with the formula meh 😛

    Do stop back and tell us whatcha think when you brought it!


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