MAC Suite Array and MAC Cremesheen

Hey guys!

I’m mall crawling at the moment with my best friend, Jenn. We just spent the last 10 minutes being major disappointed by the MAC collections sigh, rant, groan!

Looks like my wallet will be very happy with my lack of purchases!

Loving MAC Suite Array and MAC Cremesheen?

Feeling as disappointed as the Muse?

Tell me all about it!

Be home as soon as we have some dinner with details of what I did haul!


Your Mobile Muse

  • 9/25/08 20:14 Phyrra:

    Aww, why were you disappointed?
    I’m dying to know!

    Makes me glad I didn’t order impulsively through MAC’s website.


  • 9/25/08 20:50 the Muse:

    hey dd!

    UGH NOT GOOD! At least I didn’t like them 😛

    I’m posting my review in about 10 mins :)

    Don’t order them, these are try in store only imho as you may like ’em or you may hate ’em 😛

    I was on the hate side 😛


  • 9/25/08 21:05 Kaoru:

    Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of people say they were disappointed. I’m still going to see them in person, because a double eyeshadow would be sweet for really light travel, but not really lemming anything in particular. Maybe the nude lipstick (forgot the name at the moment).

    Thanks for the review, btw! Always great hearing what others think about something.


  • 9/25/08 21:10 the Muse:

    hi kaoru!

    :( Darn I really wanted to love ’em!

    I highly suggest seeing them in person! MAC is one of those personal experiences, you either really adore a collection or you really don’t but it’s a choice you have to make for yourself in the long run no matter how many reviews you read :) That’s how I feel at least!

    I think they are ideal for light travel as they are so tiny and cute! But I wish the formula was better :(

    Do drop back after you seen them and tell me what you think 😉

    You’re most welcome, it’s my pleasure! Thanks for commenting and telling me your thoughts 😉


  • 9/28/08 21:02 MandyPandy:

    But, but…I THOUGH I WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND! Oh, I see: I was only your ‘best friend with benefits’! Is that all it was to you, Izzy?!? Answer me!!! *sobs*


  • 9/30/08 13:51 the Muse:

    you iz…but you’re more like my booty call know?

    =0P lol


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