The Muse takes on….a possible mess? Eep!

Can you guess what I’m going to be up to very soon?

Making the Most of Urban Decay Primer

Recycled Beauty Tip

  • 9/25/08 13:10 creampuffer5:

    Pressing pigment! Yay


  • 9/25/08 13:42 the Muse:

    LOL exactly creampuff XD

    Long time no see, how are you?


  • 9/25/08 13:49 Pavlina:

    where did you get your empty pans? TIA


  • 9/25/08 13:52 the Muse:

    hi there pavlina 😉

    I got ’em from coastal scents! Hope this helps!


  • 9/25/08 14:20 creampuffer5:

    I’m good Muse. Don’t worry I haven’t abandoned my muse reading. I’m on here everyday, haha. How are you? By the way good luck with pressing pigments!!!! It can be so much fun and a pain in the butt sometimes.

    Also I’m like 300 years old on this but I’m addicted to the Twilight series too. I can’t wait for the movie. Also I’m currently working on my mini (well huge) plan to make Robert Pattinson fall in love with me. HAHAHA


  • 9/25/08 14:25 the Muse:

    hello there again lovie!

    Aw thanks for stopping my daily I truly appreciate that!

    I’m great! I’m worried about the mess but I’m eager to try it out lol!

    =-) I’ll document the procedure lol!

    Umm I’m really sorry and I hate to tell you this but the Robert Pattinson Fall in Love with the Muse Plan is already in effect and taking place as I type this.

    You’re a little late…*winces*

    The plan is already working so I doubt we can reverse the effects at this point.



  • 9/25/08 20:23 beetrice:

    project time!! 😀 don’t worry about the mess, it’s all part of the fun right? *heehee*


  • 9/25/08 21:05 the Muse:

    hehe beetrice :)

    indeed it is :)

    Absolutely making a mess is half the fun sometimes 😉

    Thanks for the comment!
    Have a great weekend!


  • 9/25/08 21:07 Helena:

    Piggie pressing! Musey, do you use mixing medium to convert shadow into liner? i do and it sorta hardens the area of the shadow which you dip into- makes me wonder if loose pigments are the way to go for that =p


  • 9/25/08 21:20 Dao:

    Piggie pressin’ and you got disposable cups and measuring tools. Way to go Muse!


  • 9/26/08 14:14 the Muse:

    hey helena :)

    I don’t..I actually use a Too Faced product to do it :) mixing medium would or should create a rather good liner for pigments 😉
    I just use the too faced liquify to do it b/c of the cool applicator 😉


  • 9/26/08 14:15 the Muse:

    hehe dao!

    Wanna come over and help!?


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