NARS Lipgloss in Revolt Review

The vampy lip is definately in this season. Bold shades of red, purple, and even black make up an interesting lip look for the Fall however pulling off these looks isn’t as easy as it appears!

If you’re like the Muse you may love the look of the vampy lip but might be a bit wary of trying it out for yourself. This could be because you shy away from bolder looks or you might have a fuller face and you’re scared such a loud lip will look garish on, whatever your reason for not trying out this hot new trend I’ll happily recommend you one of my personal picks for an easy, quick, simple, and quite flatteringly subdued vampy lip look.

NARS Lipgloss in Revolt is a wonderful gloss for creating a perfect purple pout while keeping it sheer yet elegant without creating a loud, bold effect.

The color is a simple grape shade that’s flattering on most skin tones. The effect is a very nice dark, crushed berry look on the lips. Intensity of the shade can be built up or toned down to suit the look you prefer.

I applied several layers of NARS Lipgloss in Revolt and still the look is natural and flattering without being extreme. I think the gloss is perfection if you’re wanting to sport the vampy look but not take the plunge with a very bold color.

Vampy lips for the Fall are Muse Approved and products that make this trend easy and simple get a big Yay from the Muse!

You can purchase NARS Lipgloss from the NARS website and be sure to check out the color Metis too which looks like a create gloss for a vampy lip!

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NARS Lipgloss in Revolt VS MAC Lipglass in Jampacked

  • 9/8/08 12:42 ~*MC*~: close is the color to MAC’s CoC Jampacked Lipglass? It looks a bit similar.


  • 9/8/08 13:21 Decorative Diva:

    How do you like this compared to MAC’s Jampacked?


  • 9/8/08 13:23 the Muse:

    hey mc!

    It’s kinda similiar but I felt like MAC Jampacked had much more red to it where as this is purple for sure!

    I’ll do comparing swatches for ya tonight!


  • 9/8/08 15:38 Anonymous:

    Very pretty – you look like a gypsy in those photos!


  • 9/8/08 15:51 Karrie:

    The gloss looks great on you.


  • 9/8/08 17:52 The Mighty J:

    Hah, I was just thinking I’d love to see a comparison picture as I have MAC’s Jampacked – can’t wait to see how much they differ!


  • 9/8/08 18:34 helly:

    WOW muse!! this is in TOTAL contrast to the fdtn look!!!! i thought the lip gloss would look really freaky, but its not lol. i like how you did your eyeliner btw XD and pretty necklaceeeeeeee~


  • 9/8/08 20:21 Liz:

    Mmmmmm, purple…. how does it compare to MAC’s Atmospheric lipglass in terms of colour and texture?


  • 9/8/08 20:57 trishket:

    I think that color looks great on you. I never would have thought that color would look so good when I saw it in the tube! Thanks for showing us this. It gives me confidence to try something similar.


  • 9/8/08 21:36 Ann:

    *falls in love with revolt* i’m currently loving nars lipgloss!


  • 9/9/08 0:58 LithiaBlack:

    I instantly thought “It reminds me of jampacked but more purple” when I saw it on you. I see in the comments that I’m not the only one 😉
    I so want that one two (I already have jampacked on my must have list). My shoppinglist are getting long this autumn 😛


  • 9/9/08 3:08 Dancinggal:

    Ooooh, this looks like such an interesting colour, but I think it might be too dark for me, and look strange on my dark skin. Looks very dramatic on you, would look amazing with vampy eyes!


  • 9/9/08 3:53 charlieee:

    ohhh that looks really go on you Muse! has that vampy colour but subtle and definitely wearable :)


  • 9/9/08 7:52 the Muse:

    hi Anonymous!

    Aw thanks! Appreciate your kind compliment :)



  • 9/9/08 7:53 the Muse:

    hello Mighty J!

    You got it :) I just posted this morning :)

    Hope it helps!



  • 9/9/08 7:54 the Muse:

    hi helly!

    I know me too. The purple was a tad bit scary but it’s actually quite lovely :) I was trying to go lighter with my liner so I just tightlined and lined the lower waterline :) but you’re right a bit of a dramatic eye look may work well!

    Aw thanks!


  • 9/9/08 7:55 the Muse:

    hello liz!

    Mmm I dunno..I never tried atmospheric sadly. As for the formula I gave a brief review of nars lipgloss in my nars orgasm post did you see it?

    it’s considerably different compared to lipglass..less tacky..sticky…and buildable in color which I like!


  • 9/9/08 7:56 the Muse:

    hello trishket!

    Thanks so much :)

    Me either. It’s scary in the tube. gothy and dark! But it definately is lighter compared to some of the products out for vampy looks!

    Good for you! Get out there and do a vampy look 😉

    Thanks for the comment, hope we talk again soon!



  • 9/9/08 7:57 the Muse:

    hello ann!

    ME TOO! :) I love the texture and the way I can build up the color!


  • 9/9/08 7:58 the Muse:

    hi LithiaBlack!

    Thanks honey!

    Exactly. It’s way purple compared to JP :)

    jampacked is YUM! Def get it :)



  • 9/9/08 7:59 the Muse:

    hello dancinggal!

    Hmm I think it would be nice on a darker skin tone love. It’s quite buildable so even a little bit would look interesting :)

    I was debating on vampy eyes hehe! I was scared it would be too much!

    but I think that’s my next venture :)


  • 9/9/08 8:00 the Muse:

    hi there charlieee!

    Indeed! Totally a wearable vampy shade :)

    Thanks for the comment charlieee!


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