philosophy Divine Illumination Moisturizer

If you’re wanting a little bit of divine intervention to be added into your moisturizer you may not have to look too far!

Philosophy Divine Illumination Moisturizer is the newest moisturizer from Philosophy that promises to improve skin tone, texture, smoothness, firmness, and adding anti-aging ingredients while adding a healthy glow to skin!

You can pre-order Philosophy Divine Illumination Moisturizer from QVC by using item number A84989.

Count the Muse curious…I foresee some illumination in my life soon…review to follow? Possibly!

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  • 9/30/08 7:42 Anonymous:

    Kayvid: I cannot wait to try this baby. But I really wonder what the price is…do you know? I personally had NOT liked Hope in a jar and I just hope this one is different and that it works for me.


  • 9/30/08 7:48 the Muse:

    morning kayvid!

    Me either! Um $70 something USD I believe….kinda pricey but if it works, well worth it.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Hope in a Jar. The real love of my life and staple product is When Hope is Not Enough.

    I use it as my night cream and it’s divine :)

    Way better than Hope in a Jar in my humblest!


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