Sephora Website Update: Write A Review, Ask Questions, Get Answers, and More!

During your next trip over to Sephora’s website you may notice a slight change in the way you view products!

Sephora has finally, to the Muse’s delight, set up an options for posting reviews of product and even a section for asking questions and getting replies from readers like you!

Awesome right?

I love the fact that I can now post my own thoughts about a product directly on the site plus having the ability to ask a question and have someone reply is fantastic!

I’m glad Sephora finally jumped on the bandwagon to allow cosmetic lovers and users to display their honest thoughts on a product purchased from the site. This could be a great resource for making or breaking the deal when it comes to a new cosmetic purchase!

Do check it out and start contributing your own reviews!

Love this new feature?

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  • 9/10/08 13:21 Elvira:

    I have written 2 less than flattering reviews for products on sephora's pages and they have YET to be published. I think they sprinkle in some low reviews and have a limit as to how many can be posted…because they sure don't have a problem when I give something 5 stars. And let's not forget the source of some of the reviews. After all this is the place that alleges that members voted BE best foundation, concealer, powder, lip gloss & acne treatment. I take all reviews w/ a grain of salt.
    Just my 2 cents.


  • 9/10/08 13:35 Decorative Diva:

    I love the ability to leave reviews on products and more importantly to see what other people say. Sometimes it helps a ton when I’m trying to make a decision.


  • 9/10/08 14:05 the Muse:

    hello Elvira!

    Interesting! I haven’t yet tried the review service as of yet but I did wonder about this myself and now here is proof!

    Again, I agree, BE best foundation? Gimme a break! I also found some of the items questionable on the Best of List. In particular I felt like the hyper of When hope is Not Enough facial cream appearing almost ever year pretty interesting. I personally use this cream but it’s FARRRRRRRRRR from the best and I actually have a big love hate relationship with it, with me leaning more towards HATE!

    What you’re saying doesn’t surprise me in the least. I guess it’s best to depend on reliable blogs and MUA for good reviews!


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