Urban Decay Deluxe Train Case

Hey guys!

I wanted to do a quickie update post about the Urban Decay Deluxe Train Case. I’ve already made up my mind and decided to take the plunge after hearing only 150 units were made up and already 50 have been sold today!


If you’re wanting it you’d best get motoring and grab one! I’m off to get mine right away!

Click to purchase yours!

Original Post About Urban Decay Deluxe Train Cases featuring Product Images

  • 9/9/08 20:53 Nosh:

    You know I wanted to get one of these but then I read that it was a mini! =( I need something a little more massive :) Any suggestions, Muse, o thou of awesome taste? 😀


  • 9/10/08 0:46 rocketqueen:

    Omg omg omg! I want Pandora’s box!!


  • 9/10/08 1:17 Jazmin:

    Hi Musey! How are you doing, babe?

    I love these! Which one did you get??


  • 9/10/08 1:19 Jazmin:

    Oops! Nevermind, I just read your first post about them ; )


  • 9/10/08 7:03 the Muse:

    hi nosh!

    How are you!? Miss you around here!

    I’m with you on massive but I thought for little getaways it would be ideal.

    LOL! *grin* I’d get a mac one if I were you. Offers different storage options, trays, etc….well worth $$

    Sephora does some pretty nice ones too and what a perfect excuse to indulge as FF’s discount is upcoming :)


  • 9/10/08 7:04 the Muse:

    hey linn!

    Cute aren’t they!?


  • 9/6/09 1:51 Elvia Barrera:

    I want That , deluxe tain cases 50 bucks


  • 9/8/09 21:33 the Muse:

    they are great aren’t they Elvia 😀 love UD!


  • 5/15/13 22:22 Lindsay Mayo:

    Is this urban decay case still available?


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