Vincent Longo Diamante Quad in Aquila

Vincent Longo is always a little bit late to the ballgame but I don’t mind as I simply adore the anticipation! I’m sitting on pins and needles awaiting the Fall Collection.

The bad new is I have little to no information about the Fall line up. I tried guys but unfortunately I have nothing to report however I do have some rather awesome news.

Behold the awesome news:

Meet Vincent Longo Diamante Quad in Aquila.

Is this gorgeous or what?

I have the other two previous color selections released last year and they are outstanding but I simply adore the looks of Aquila quad! That purple, that aqua, plus those warmer tones all create a rather daring Fall look don’t you think?

Previously released Vincent Longo Diamante Quads

This one is in my cart and I should be bringing you a review sometime next week!

Review to follow!

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  • 9/5/08 10:47 Betty:

    OMG Muse! Those Diamond Quads you already have are simple gorgeous! Are they still available anywhere?? 😀


  • 9/5/08 11:13 the Muse:

    hi there betty!

    Aren’t they!? Fun fun :)

    Of course. :) You can get them directly from Vincent Longo’s site or Sephora carries them :) including the new shade!

    Happy Shopping :)



  • 9/5/08 11:19 In the name of beauty and brains:

    soooooooo pretty! Man alive! I wish I knew what to do with eyeshadow…….one resembles a panda when one applies these mystery powders! x


  • 9/5/08 11:26 the Muse:


    A Panda! No! :) for shame :)

    a gentle hand, a sponge applicator, patience, and building up is the key little jedi 😉


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