Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from my Haunted House to yours!

  • 10/31/08 14:22 Dao:

    Happy Halloween to my dear Muse! Hope you have lots of fun today!


  • 10/31/08 17:27 Anonymous:

    I LOVE Rocky Horror! So amazing! Happy Hallowe’en!!


  • 10/31/08 20:48 Decorative Diva:

    Happy Halloween! It’s my favorite Holiday!
    Yay, Rocky Horror!
    Ahh, that brings back memories.
    I have a friend that keeps trying to drag me to the live shows, but as I’ve never been to see it live (even when I was dating a cast member), I have no desire to be auctioned off as a Rockie Virgin. I keep declining.

    I hope you’re having a lovely evening.



  • 11/1/08 2:16 Askmewhats:

    Happy Halloween musey!!!!


  • 11/1/08 3:41 Nightmares Rider:

    Hi there happy halloween and I read your review about dior diamond star powder OMG that was amazin’ God bless your soul girl :)


  • 11/1/08 7:49 MandyPandy:

    Happy belated All Hallows Eve my beloved Izzy! What were you for Halloween (besides the finest piece of ass to ever walk the Planet, ’cause, let’s face it, you’re always that)?

    At the risk of hijacking your post: did you know that Sephora now carries Art of Shaving? I just found out. This is a big step forward for Sephora, but I worry that AoS will eventually go the way of e-Shave.


  • 11/1/08 16:21 Samara:


    Did you hear about the Sephora Friends and Family? Well, it is TRUE !!

    Check it out !



  • 11/3/08 8:37 the Muse:

    Happy Belated Halloween Dao!

    It was great 😉 How was yours!?



  • 11/3/08 8:38 the Muse:

    hi Anonymous!

    Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =-) Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without it lol!

    Happy Belated Halloween!


  • 11/3/08 8:40 the Muse:

    hey dd!

    It’s mine too! I simply adore it :)
    the live shows are too fabulous 😉 Interactive and super fun! LOL aww you’d make a fine auctionee 😉

    Hope your weekend was fab!

    Happy Monday!


  • 11/3/08 8:41 the Muse:

    hey nikki!

    Same to you honey..bit belated but Happy Halloween!


  • 11/3/08 8:42 the Muse:

    hi there nightmares Rider!

    Happy Belated!

    LOL I’m so glad you enjoyed the review :) *hugs*

    Happy Monday!
    Hope to speak to you again soon!


  • 11/3/08 8:53 the Muse:

    hey Mandy!

    Happy Belated my truest love 😉
    LMAO oh lord *giggles and fans myself* Your compliments just make me swoon!

    Oh stop you know I’m teasing when I say you highjack my posts 😉

    I did know indeed but I imagine it’ll go the way of eshave 😛 Your fears are founded.

    As for Halloween…I was…




  • 11/3/08 8:54 the Muse:

    olá Samara!

    I seen :-) I posted about it friday morning!



  • 11/3/08 11:04 MandyPandy:

    I know, I know: I have a way with words, silver-tongued devil that I am. When I speak, it’s like a thousand lecherous angels singing all at once.

    Wait, what kind of ?? Apple ?? Pumpkin ?? I hope it was pumpkin ?; that’s my all-time favorite (besides piping hot Izzy ?, I mean).


  • 11/3/08 13:45 the Muse:

    lol 😉 I have to be careful when I read your comments otherwise snot or water is likely to come out of my nose/mouth ;P

    hot pipping Izzy ? is the only variety you need know about 😉


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