Lancome Oscillation Mascara Winner

Ok guys!

Here’s the big moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Earlier this week I announced a contest to win a brand new Lancome Oscillation Mascara! Ahhhh! Exciting right?

With a simple press of the button the mascara wand vibrates allowing smooth application in one swipe creating longer, fuller lashes!

Loves it!

I can’t wait to get mine and review it for you guys!

Visit the Lancome site to view the video application and get further info about ordering your Lancome Oscillation Mascara!

And the winner is……………


Congrats Kimmy you’re now the proud owner of a Lancome Oscillation Mascara! Yay! Please e-mail me with your shipping address so I can get this out to you directly!

I’m so sorry to those of you that didn’t win but I’ll be having more contest this Holiday Season so please stop back soon! I wish I had a mascara to give to everyone as I heart you guys so much!

Thanks for participating in the contest! We got over 140 entries! Wahoo!

  • 10/23/08 11:36 KimmyDarling:




    I am so excited!!!!!


    Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!



  • 10/23/08 11:38 the Muse:

    ps don’t forget to email me your shipping deets Kimmy :)


  • 10/23/08 11:42 KimmyDarling:

    Just sent you my info.

    Don’t know if I’ve said this, but YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

    YAY YAY YAY!!!


  • 10/23/08 12:40 creampuffer5:

    Hi Muse,

    This has nothing to do with the mascara, sorry. I wasn’t sure where to write it. Anyway, if you were planning to get any of those new red brush sets from MAC. Get them from Nordies because they are only $35 and not $50 like at mac or macy’s. =) I wasn’t planning on getting it because I have the full size once but since it’s so cheap, I can’t say no anymore.


  • 10/23/08 12:52 Vanessa M.:



  • 10/23/08 19:50 Paige:

    Congratulations KimmyDarling!! Cheers to you and soon to be fab lashes:)


  • 10/23/08 22:08 may:

    aw. that sucks.. :( I never win.

    Congrats to kimmy though =)


  • 10/24/08 7:59 the Muse:

    got it kimmy :)

    should arrive shortly 😉 let me know when you get it!



  • 10/24/08 8:00 the Muse:

    morning creampuffer5!

    That’s ok 😉 Mascara or not I’m always up for hearing from ya!

    I know. I was at nordies a few nights ago getting the new chanel powder and saw..I choked! Awesome deal!

    The price is a steal! Well worth it!

    Thanks for coming on to mention it love!

    Appreciate it!



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