Manish Arora for MAC Sold Out

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Morning guys!

How are you today? Hump day is here w00t! Two more days till the weekend and believe me the Muse is a counting it down!

Well…I have bad news and good news…..

The bad news is that Manish Arora is completely sold out on MAC’s website (Further Info).

Booo! Hiss! Rant!

The worst news is that MAC failed to include face charts for Manish Arora! Damn it MAC please let it be face chart now!

The good news is that it isn’t officially released yet in stores soooooo that still gives you time to get your greedy little hands on it if you so desire!

Tomorrow morning Manish Arora for MAC should be live and available at MAC Soho as of 11 AM which means you should get dialing to have them hold it for you! I’m unsure if they ship but I’ll be calling in a little bit and asking so stay tuned for an update here letting you know. If they do ship it’ll be US only and around $7 for UPS service.

MAC Pro NY is officially sold out of the collection as they had an early launch party for it and I’m unsure about MAC Pro North Robertson in CA but I’m making a big assumption that they possibly did the same as MAC Pro NY however I’ll be calling later to verify as I’m on a different time zone so it’ll be a bit before I can update you on west coast news!

For now, if you’re in New York and you want the collection head to MAC Soho tomorrow to get it or call ahead to reserve it…and as I said I’ll update you later about whether they ship or not!

And finally the best news is that my order should arrive today so I’ll have the review and swatches up hopefully today for you before the collection goes live tomorrow!

Good Luck finding this and Happy Shopping!

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  • 10/8/08 8:47 Dao:

    Sold out already? It’s Dress Camp all over again. I wish Ungaro were limited like this one and vice versa. Ungaro is not all that while Manish is right up in my alley. Boo MAC!


  • 10/8/08 9:51 Paopao:

    Hi Muse!

    Sold out! I can’t believe it, I totally disliked the packaging, and the shades weren’t even LE most of them…

    I’m counting the days til Fay from kissandmakeup.ny sells NARS’ holiday collection (and you post the review!).

    Urban Decay is finally available where I live, yay! I’ll go tomorrow to check those lovely eye pencils (I have 5 days holiday, National Day and so hehe!)

    Lots of hugs!


  • 10/8/08 9:53 the Muse:

    hey dao!

    I actually skipped so far on EU! Reason being I seen this and had to have it 😉

    but I’m sure I’ll indulge shortly :)

    Soho has it but not sure if they ship! Will find out =-)


  • 10/8/08 9:55 the Muse:

    Ahh pao pao enjoy your holiday lucky girl!

    😉 Nars is a coming shortly 😉

    I really liked this appealed to my bolder makeup side :) I like the packaging too…hehe can’t resist!

    Enjoy your days off!

    Yay Urban Decay Hauling Days are here!


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