theBalm Holiday Collection 2008

theBalm has introduced a few interesting little palettes for the Holiday season!

Balm Springs $21 USD

Even though it’s Winter the Balm is taking us to the islands for the holiday season with it’s Balm Springs travel palette that contains shimmering golds and bronzes for a warm look!

Includes Overshadow in No Money, No Honey, shadyLady shadow in Shameless Shana, Pick-Up Liner in Casanova, and a mini shadow brush!

Balm Beach $21 USD

Take a trip to the beach this season with warmer shades of bronze, gold, and pink with the travel friendly Balm Beach palette!

Includes BalmShelter Tinted Gloss in Girl Next Door, shadyLady Shadow in Mischievous, Bahama Mama, and Hot Mama.

If you’re in for something a little bit different this holiday season I’m sure these will appeal!

Want ’em?

Sporting a sparkling look this season or prefer a shimmering bronzey look?

Check out more of theBalm at their website!

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  • 10/1/08 14:48 Adina:

    Issy, where did your smashbox holiday post go? I dont see it and the response to my comment :(


  • 10/1/08 19:56 Tove:

    Oh, those are cute! I wish the first one had a lip product, though, and that the lipgloss in the second set wasn’t so unmatched to the rest of the colors. Oh, and also that both of them weren’t so similarly bronze-ish in color, since that’d make it more difficult to justify picking up both – which I want to do. 😀

    Which one do you like the best? I think, if I have to choose, I prefer Balm Springs – even though it doesn’t have a gloss or anything, it looks like you could get a more put-together look out of it; nothing looks as out of place as the pink gloss in Balm Beach. I think a coral or light red or even just a nude gloss would have looked tons better. Aw, too bad. :( (Not that I don’t want them both, anyway. ;D)


  • 10/1/08 21:03 runjen:

    tfp! These products look fabulous and right up my alley!


  • 10/2/08 9:27 the Muse:


    hey girl!

    I had to take it down :( it’ll be reposted on Oct 15 :(


    I did reply though and asked how you were and said I missed you :)

    I’ll be reviewing the collection shortly btw…good stuff!



  • 10/2/08 9:31 the Muse:

    hello there tove!

    I agree. I wish it had a lippie item too :) And yea…the shades are way similiar blah 😛 but I’m still feeling all that cuteness hehe!

    I prefer the Balm Springs too but sadly I already have No Money, No Honey so I might have to skip poo!

    Definitely agree that the pink gloss is sorta far out there 😛 But again I feel the same as you I still have a craving for these lol!

    damnit why do they have to make these things so cute looking hehe!

    Thanks for the comment Tove!
    Hope to speak to you again soon!


  • 10/2/08 9:32 the Muse:

    hiya jen!

    Me too hehe =-) I may indulge during sephora FF!

    Thanks for the comment, hope to speak to you again soon!


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