Weekend Round Up

‘ello ‘ello!

I’m pretty swamped today ugh and backed up on my posts as well! Miss me much?

The good news is Monday I’ll be back with some great reviews for you including the full review of the Guerlain Holiday Collection with a Face of the Day using the items from this very exciting collection!

I also have a bunch of other items to review for you from various Fall and Holiday Collections! Excited?

Everyone ready for the weekend?

It’s been bloody cold here the last few days and I’m happy it’s finally the weekend! I HOPE I’ll be able to get my closets cleaned up this weekend and switched over from Summer to Fall/Winter!

We shall see!

What about you? Any good plans for the weekend?

Do tell!

I’ll leave you today with a few links from the past week!

Happy Reading!

xoxo from your Muse!

Jelly Pong Pong Venus Magical Pearls Review

Guerlain Holiday Collection 2008: Guerlain Midnight Butterfly

Lush Skin Nanny Review

Bare Escentuals Extreme Glimmer Kit

Lancome Absolue Makeup Review

Urban Decay Holiday Collection 2008: 24/7 Glide Eye Eyeliner Pencil Sets: VIP and Velvet Rope

Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Mascara Review

Lush Vanishing Cream Review

theBalm Holiday Collection 2008

Too Faced The Quickie Chronicles Mini Collection

  • 10/3/08 16:20 Phyrra:

    Have a great weekend!


  • 10/6/08 10:17 the Muse:

    thanks darling :)

    Happy Monday ugh!



  • 10/6/08 10:20 Phyrra:

    This Monday’s only saving grace is that my puppy is at work with me :)


  • 10/6/08 13:08 the Muse:

    AWW give him snuggles for me :)


  • 10/6/08 13:09 Phyrra:

    Currently she’s sleeping quietly on her bed in my office. She lays on her back and kicks her feet up. Kinda looks funny. I sooo wish I could nap but I’ve got a million webpage edits to get done!


  • 10/6/08 13:12 the Muse:

    awww I wish I could bring my babies to work with me :)

    I’m trying to get stuff done but it doesn’t seem to help the growing pile!


  • 10/6/08 13:51 Phyrra:

    Lol, my boss was just in here and he hurt his back and he was like ‘I’d totally lay on the floor, but the moment I got down there your dog would lick me.’ and I couldn’t help but laugh. She licks everything to death.

    Hmm, don’t you work for yourself? Why can’t your babies come hang out with you?


  • 10/6/08 13:57 the Muse:

    lol! She sounds like one of my guys..he’ll lick anyone raw lol!

    I do indeed however they bark alot…so anyone that came in here would be subjected to hearing them yip and yep :)

    They are fine at home but when presented with strangers they yip,yip, yip ;P

    I can’t bring them in here as they are way to hyper :(


  • 10/6/08 14:36 Phyrra:

    Awww :(
    Maybe you could work with them on the yipping. I’m really lucky in that my dog doesn’t bark. She can bark, she just doesn’t. Doesn’t matter if the phone rings, or people walk in, she won’t bark at work.

    At home, she’ll bark if the door bell is rung or someone knocks on the door, both acceptable. She’ll also give a low bark if she thinks there’s someone outside and she wants me to look.

    It’s really cute when I’m showering in the bathroom in the morning and I say to her
    ‘Who’s there?’ (that’s my patrol phrase for her), as she will go from the master bathroom, to the sliding glass door curtains in the master bedroom and peek into the lanai, looking for someone, and then walk back to me and lay down if no one is there.

    Now, my boss (owner of the company) brings his pomeranian, and that dog yips his head off. He sometimes drives me crazy.


  • 10/8/08 14:00 the Muse:

    you’re lucky! They are fairly good but if they are on the floor around strangers they don’t shut up for a second!

    Aww she’s all protective of you :)

    I had a pom many many many years ago and he was also a yipper :) So can totally relate to your boss.

    My guys are fairly well behaved in the house but if friends or family come over forget it yipping and yapping everywhere!


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