Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Hand Soap

Morning lovies!

Happy Monday *groan*!

I have a slew of posts ready for you and they should post shortly but I wanted to quickly remind you that Bath and Body Works has hand soap on sale for $3 USD down from the normal $4.50 USD price tag!

I stocked up last week on Twisted Peppermint! Yums! Twisted Peppermint is a fav of mind so I had to snatch up some of these! All the hand soaps, foaming hand wash, and waterless hand washes are on sale so you can mix and match even Holiday scents if you so please!

Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint in any form is Muse Approved for purchase!

Happy Shopping!

  • 11/3/08 14:07 Paige:

    This post reminded me of a recent visit to the B&B…I found a COBigelow bath bomb in Ginger ($5) and asked the clerk if they had any more scents…she just had the holiday peppermint which is appealing but I ended up with the Ginger bb. It's really nice and smelly. Kept a lovely fragrance in my bathroom for a few days after using it:) Have you tried it? Hope you're having a great start to your week!


  • 11/3/08 14:14 the Muse:

    Happy Monday Paige!

    I seen those! I never tried the ginger sadly..but it sounds awesome. I really dig Lush Bath Bombs and I miss their gingerman bomb so was killer! I believe they have it up on retro should try it.

    I’m having a super day thanks honey :)

    which peppermint did you try!? I have a small stash of the bombs released last year from the Twisted Peppermint collection and they are killer :)


  • 11/3/08 16:48 Paige:

    I haven’t tried the peppermint fizz – the one that looks like a peppermint on hormones:) I’ll have to try it and pick one up for my mum (she can’t eat the candy but loves the smell of it in products). Lush looks fabulous but I haven’t crossed over to it yet…must do this soon! Thanks!


  • 11/4/08 11:33 Connie:

    peppermint sounds so yummy! Bath and bodyworks always has neat stuff. :)


  • 11/4/08 12:09 the Muse:

    LOL peppermint on hormones eh? :) hehe!

    Your mum will love it I’m sure it’s gorg! Lush is amazing :) fav brand!

    Thanks for the comment paige :) hope you’re having a good day!


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