Beauty on a Budget: Softlips Review & Contest

Meet my favorite budget friendly stocking stuffers for the Holiday:

If you read my review on Rosebud Salve you probably already hold the key to the secrets of Life, the Universe, and Everything. What you probably didn’t realize is that the second key to the universe is held within these little duo packages of joy!

I’ve been using Softlips since…hmm forevers. The Muse and her sister have happily purchased Softlips for a very long time, years and years. I can remember Softlips Lip Balm being one of my very first makeup purchases so indeed it’s been a while!

Honestly aside from Rosebud Salve I haven’t met a better option for keeping my lips happy during the cold weather skin! I’ve always had one of these little guys tucked into my purse for quick touch ups on the go. They glide on incredibly well and offer a nice seal of protection for cold, bitter New York weather plus they taste sooooo good! And let’s not forget they have SPF 20!

Softlips have introduced two new Limited Edition Duo Packs that contain two full size Softlips Balms. The first package holds Vanilla and Mint flavored balms which are great to use alone or layer them on top of each other for a Vanilla Mint flavored pout! The second package contains my personal favorite Cherry! It also contains Sugar Cookie which you can combine with Cherry to create Cherry Sugar Cookies! Yum! The Muse gets really excited about the little things in life.

Many of you have written me emails asking I feature some budget friendly options for cosmetics, gifts, etc..and I think that these Softlips Duo Packs are ideal for budget stocking stuffers! Each pack costs around $3.50-$3.99 USD which isn’t too bad a deal at all! They make very cute gift toppers as well to tape to the top of a bigger gift or to stick in a Holiday gift bag!

Yo can learn more about Softlips by visiting them at!

I know quite a few folk were disappointed that the Harajuku Girl Solid Perfume Coffret Contest was not open to the US residents! Boo! Hiss!

But the good news is today I have two Limited Edition Packages of Softlips to give away to readers within the US and abroad! Simply comment below and I’ll be choosing two random readers to get one of the two packets I have! The contest begins today and ends on Friday so Good Luck!

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  • 11/10/08 9:36 Tammy:

    I just bought the pomegrante and honey dew soft them!!


  • 11/10/08 9:40 the Muse:

    me too!!!!!! :) I’m going to review them this week!



  • 11/10/08 9:46 wen:

    hey muse!

    OMG u mean ure doing the international giveaway thing agn!

    i love u and ur bigbig heart. <3

    before i saw that u were giving stuff away, i wanted to comment that sadly, i've not seen this in singapore.
    we have this Mentholatum Lipice series, but softlips look wayyy better! haha. i might be just biased. =p

    and i wanted to complain that i'm not able to find a good lipbalm. i've Body Shop's vitamin E lipbalm. it's soooo difficult to spread on my lips. terrible. and it doesnt seem to work for me cos i still wake up w chapped lips! and since it's difficult to spread, it hurts when i apply it since my lips are alr chapped. dumbdumb lipbalm. ROWLS.

    and i really wanna try rosebud slave too. and softlips. sigh.

    anw, happy xmas shopping. =))


  • 11/10/08 9:50 Anonymous:

    Kayvid: Hey I am loving the fact that these have SPF in them…Talking of contests I forget who was the winner of that breast cancer pin contest…


  • 11/10/08 10:12 lindsay harper:

    hey musey!!
    i was one of the heart broken canadian commenters on the harajuku girl perfume contest. hehe. i’m happy you’ve opened this one up! i loooove soft lips!!!
    lindsay :)


  • 11/10/08 10:14 Leslie in France:

    Great prize! *crosses fingers* 😉


  • 11/10/08 10:22 the Muse:

    hey wen!

    how are you darling!?

    hehehe :) Thanks honey!

    Softlips are a fav of mine so it’ll be nice if you win and get to try ’em!

    This glides on fairly well so you might enjoy the formula when compared to the Body Shop one 😛

    GOOD LUCK :) I hope you nab it darlin’!


  • 11/10/08 10:23 the Muse:

    hey kayvid!

    I haven’t announced yet :) but I will shortly! Not many people entered so it’ll be a close one!


    I like that they have SPF too! Makes ’em great for Summer!


  • 11/10/08 10:25 the Muse:

    hi there lindsay!

    I’m sorry about the Harajuku Contest but I sure hope you win this one :)

    Good Luck!



  • 11/10/08 10:41 Kula:

    mmmm I’m loving the cherry sugar cookie!


  • 11/10/08 10:42 the Muse:

    hehe Kula :)

    Combine them to create the perfect snack for your lips 😉


  • 11/10/08 10:44 Nell:

    Ah, Muse, I can get exited by small things too.
    I hope Iīm lucky enough to win in your giveaway, would be a first for me :)
    Hugs, Nell


  • 11/10/08 10:55 Jenni:

    I’ve never actually tried Softlips before, but these flavors sound wonderful :)


  • 11/10/08 10:55 Unintended:

    This is so exciting! I love soft lips and would love to win one of those babies.

    I’ve never seen the seasonal packs anywhere. Softlips are so hard to find!


  • 11/10/08 11:01 the Muse:

    hey nell :)

    sometimes we have to right? :)

    I hope so too! Good Luck lovie!


  • 11/10/08 11:02 the Muse:

    hi jenni!

    😉 This is a great opportunity to try ’em out!!!!

    Good Luck!


  • 11/10/08 11:04 the Muse:

    hi unintended!

    😉 Good Luck! I hope you nab them! They are awesome flavor packs!



  • 11/10/08 11:15 sarahPUFFY:

    I remember when I was a freshman and all the bitchy senior girls used soft lips! I was like "aw…I wanna be cool." lately Ive been considering buying soft lips because Im on my last tube of aquafina balm, and I can't find it in wal mart! I actually traded my mom my sally hansen pm lip plumper for it, I was THAT desperate for lippy nourishment. never again shall I go without!

    I only hope that soft lips can live up to my expectations…aquafina is an A++ and thats a lot to live up to! n.n

    wait. this is a contest? meep I so didn't know! that's what I get for not reading! >.<


  • 11/10/08 11:18 yl:

    i practically stalk your blog and love reading all your reviews, even though it always makes me want items i cant afford :) anyway i finally managed to purchase (at a decent price) the etude pore erasing peach base, have been wanting it since i read your review on it ages ago.

    thanks for taking the time to write all these reviews! and for the fab giveaways


  • 11/10/08 11:18 Laura:

    Ohh please consider me entered for this. We can’t get much decent lip stuff over here and the flavours sound divine.


  • 11/10/08 11:30 Laurie:

    Hi there! These look great – I haven’t used Soft Lips in so long, but I remember them being very awesome!

    Happy Monday:)


  • 11/10/08 11:35 the Muse:

    LOL sarahPUFFY !

    Love your story :) These are a fab replacement for the aquafina 😉

    LOL yes and your now officially entered to win wahoo!



  • 11/10/08 11:37 the Muse:

    hi there yl!

    Aww well thank you I’m super flattered :)

    I admit I’m guilty of posting really expensive products eep! Must do more beauty budget finds :)

    I’m so glad you got the EH Pore Erasing Base :) Do you love it!?

    You’re most welcome! Most important thanks for taking time you to read all my reviews :) I appreciate it greatly!


  • 11/10/08 11:38 the Muse:

    hi laura!

    😉 you got it!

    Good luck!


  • 11/10/08 11:39 the Muse:

    Morning Laurie!

    happy monday!

    😉 Prior to discovering rosebud salve I rarely left home without one in my pocket 😉

    Good stuff!

    Good Luck!



  • 11/10/08 11:43 sarahPUFFY:

    LOL, man those chicks hated me too. I guess cos I was dating a senior they all tried to hook up with. Lucky for me I still have him now! Miserable cows =D !!!

    And yay contest! Its sad, all I saw was “limited edition soft lips” and I got so freaking excited. I didn’t even read it before commenting! XD

    What really has me sold is the SPF 20. I’m always sad about my HG not having SPF so SL may end up trumping my longtime fav! n.n


  • 11/10/08 11:46 The Mighty J:

    I heart SoftLips too!! Can’t wait to see if they have arrived in Canada.


  • 11/10/08 11:47 fridagal:

    Ooo these lipbalms sound good since i tend to have dry lips and i’ll be going to japan in dec which will be very cold i definitely need sth which will do a gd job of protecting my lips frm the cold.. dont wanna gt sausage lips like last time =(


  • 11/10/08 11:51 Karrie:

    I’ve never used softlips before, but it’s always been something I’ve wanted to try.
    I like it when lip balms offer spf protection.


  • 11/10/08 11:54 lauraannette:

    I too used Softlips as a teen. Haven’t had any in awhile…maybe its time to try them again!


  • 11/10/08 12:31 natalie:

    oooo, i loveee softlips! where i live, they only sell vanilla which is quite sad =(


  • 11/10/08 12:33 Phyrra:

    Softlips was my favorite lip balm until I tried Aromaleigh’s lip balm. And my guys still use softlips as they like the vanilla or winter mint flavors.

    Al’s feel divine on the lips. I highly recommend minty cocoa chip.


  • 11/10/08 12:52 Engmin:

    Hey Muse,
    Rose Petal Salve is indeed a fantastic product. I just purchased Cherry Kiss, Sweet Vanilla Salve and Strawberry Crush, eep! (all from Rose&Co Apothecary) Maybe I can include Softlips into my growing lip balm collection? *winks* Thanks for opening this giveaway to non US readers!


  • 11/10/08 12:54 the Muse:

    oh excuse me miss thang :) dating seniors in your freshman year lol! I was still playing with barbie my freshman year lol lmao!

    Oh my god…how romantic…you guys are still together? :) How long has it been?

    Ditto don’t feel bad..LE does it for me all the time!

    None of the balms I use ever have SPF which is why I love these so much 😉


  • 11/10/08 12:55 the Muse:

    hi there fridagal!

    AHHH I’m so jealous wish I can go!

    sausage lips LOL!

    Good Luck hun!


  • 11/10/08 12:56 the Muse:

    hi Karrie!

    Sounds exactly like what you’re looking for my dear :)

    Good Luck!


  • 11/10/08 12:57 the Muse:

    hi natalie!

    oh no just vanilla? You need to try cherry :)

    good luck!


  • 11/10/08 12:58 the Muse:

    hey dd!

    This is the first time I tried the winter mint..yums!

    Minty cocoa chip? Oh my god need!


  • 11/10/08 13:01 Phyrra:

    That’s the link.
    I’ve tried a bunch, but my favorite is minty cocoa chip and delicate vanilla bean is my second favorite.

    I love love love the minty cocoa chip, as you probably could guess, since I love Lush’s haagenbath bomb 😛


  • 11/10/08 13:15 the Muse:

    ahhhhhh minty cocoa balm! NEED!!!!!!!!


    Bad dd bad :)


  • 11/10/08 13:17 Phyrra:

    No, I’m helping :)



  • 11/10/08 13:17 LostinBubbles:

    The sugar cookie is AWESOME!! I adore cookie, tasty treat delights and when I saw these at Target, I just had to get. It feels, tastes and smells so delectable. I wish they would keep the Sugar Cookie around all year. Might have to stock up on a few before they whisk them away.

    I’ve used soft lips as long as I can remember and it always nice to rediscover an old love in a new light! Yeah for Soft Lips!


  • 11/10/08 13:51 the Muse:

    lol indeed dd indeed!


  • 11/10/08 13:52 the Muse:

    lostinbubbles ditto :) I mixed it with the mint so I had minty sugar cookie tasting lips hehe 😉

    I had one pack already but I seen them again when I was picking up a prescription so I picked up another set 😉


  • 11/10/08 14:12 emma:

    Being from the UK I’ve never heard of softlips but I do love my lip balm.


  • 11/10/08 14:16 the Muse:

    ‘ello emma!


    Here’s a good excuse to win one right?!

    Good luck!


  • 11/10/08 14:21 saz:

    I saw a Softlip duo at Target, put it in my cart, took it out…. I’m trying to be good.


  • 11/10/08 14:23 the Muse:

    me too saz me’s tough to be good :)

    Good excuse for you to win eh?

    Good Luck hun!


  • 11/10/08 15:22 Paige:

    I just had an ‘Oh Yeah!’ moment cause I think you’ve mentioned these before? I’ve been meaning to try these out for some time. Love the cute double packaging. Perfect for the stocking. Sounds like they have a lot of choices in flavor…I’m totally on board with that! Thanks for sharing this and look forward to the other flavor reviews:)


  • 11/10/08 15:35 Adina:

    Never tried these, thanks for the heads up doll!

    P.S Wheeeee, I commented!


  • 11/10/08 15:44 the Muse:

    hey again paige!

    I think I have too! :) I’ve been known to go on and on when I adore something!
    My pleasure 😉 I’ll be reviewing some more shortly actually!

    Good Luck hun hope you win ’em!


  • 11/10/08 15:55 Aya:

    I get excited about the little things in life too, Musey!

    Softlips was not all that exciting back when I lived in the U.S….but lookey now! The new ones look yummmmmmy!!!


  • 11/10/08 16:31 Shefali:

    Ooooo!! I’ve always wanted to try these. I’d love one for myself, but also for my sis-in-law to put on top of her gift :) Great idea Muse!


  • 11/10/08 17:22 Stephy:

    Ooooooohhhhhhhh another contest!!! Count me in!! :)


  • 11/10/08 18:51 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse,

    Another contest?! How fun! I remember using Softlips all the time in middle and high school. Ah, nostalgia.



  • 11/10/08 19:13 Ann*:

    sounds like its a good stocking stuffer!!

    if only i get some myself! hahaha..


  • 11/10/08 19:30 MiuMiu:

    i think it’ll work quite well with the weather and environment in korea 😉
    anywhooo..i had the honeydew one…i dunno whatever happened to it.


  • 11/10/08 20:07 Vivian:

    i’ve heard good stuff about these, but never thought of buying them. oh, Muse, I think you meant “a few folk were disappointed that the Harajuku Girl Solid Perfume Coffret Contest was not open to the (non) US residents!” ciao!


  • 11/10/08 20:15 Faye:

    Hi Muse,

    Never try before, cant wait to try it !! Looks tempting !!



  • 11/10/08 21:32 stefina:

    Big fan of Softlips here too!!!
    Good luck everyone + Thank you Muse!


  • 11/10/08 21:57 nana:

    Hey Muse,

    Would luv to try this second key to the Universe which you recommend! We dun have it here though, sigh. But it sure sounds like a great lip balm, esp for chapped lips like mine.

    Thanks for your generous giveaway, hope I can be one of the lucky winners! :)

    Take care & have a blesed week ahead! =)


  • 11/11/08 0:55 Angeline:

    this sounds great! pity it’s not available in singapore


  • 11/11/08 3:53 wen:

    hey muse!

    haha, i need the luck.
    my exams start tmr and im trying not to hyperventilate and die. lol.

    anw, the lipsticks from avon look really nice and sleek. oh man, avon shld come to singapore too!

    and ur bath bomb post, did u draw that bath bomb how-do strip? it’s really cute!



  • 11/11/08 9:16 the Muse:

    hey aya!

    :) that’s the way to live honey 😉

    I admit that they went from boring to awesome didn’t they!? now they have a slew of new flavors!


  • 11/11/08 9:17 the Muse:

    hi Shefali!

    😉 They make nifty little stocking stuffers :)

    Good luck maybe you’ll win one lovie!


  • 11/11/08 9:18 the Muse:

    hey Ann!

    you might win one!!!!! :)

    Good luck!


  • 11/11/08 9:23 the Muse:

    hello Vivian!

    LOL I think that’s what I said!?
    Good luck lovie!


  • 11/11/08 9:24 the Muse:

    hi stefina!

    Me too! Me too!

    Good luck hun! You’re most welcome!


  • 11/11/08 9:25 the Muse:

    hi nana!

    I always have chapped lips! I feel your pain :)

    You’re most welcome lovie! I hope you win!

    Have a great week!!!!!! Hugs!


  • 11/11/08 9:26 the Muse:

    hi Angeline!

    You might win it!!!!! 😉 Good Luck!


  • 11/11/08 9:30 the Muse:

    hi wen!

    GOOOOOOOOD Luck :)

    The avon lippies are really good :)

    Oh no lol I got that from the webbie :) hehehe!



  • 11/11/08 10:08 Andrea:

    I also have been using this product for years and I love how it heals my chapped lips


  • 11/11/08 12:09 the Muse:

    hi andrea!

    Me too :) It works a treat at healing chapped lips and I get ’em terribly in the Winter yak!

    Good luck!


  • 11/11/08 12:39 iowagirl301:

    Hi Muse, I am really gonna have to give this brand a try after reading your reviews on this. My lips have been feeling like they are about to fall off the the past week, & I think the balm I've been trying out is just making my problem worse!!


  • 11/11/08 13:28 Rachel:

    OMG cherry and sugar cookie?? Yummy!


  • 11/11/08 14:25 babyboo:

    I live in asia and we don’t have cool flavors like “sugar cookie” and those Christmasy flavors.
    I wish I could have some so I could lick my lips all day =)


  • 11/11/08 15:17 sarahPUFFY:

    Haha, its funny. He broke up with me on xmas eve that year [you can imagine my anger], but we got back together when I was a junior! I only dated one guy after him, and it wasn't much fun. Its been about a year and 2 months and I'm one happy Puffball. =D

    AND YAY, I love LE stuff. Like Bubble Balm! I still wish I had gotten the chance to partake of its…bubbliness. >.>

    And grr don't you hate barbies now? They used to be AWESOME, but now they're all skimpy and they have big heads. BAH!


  • 11/11/08 22:16 babysaffron:

    I just love lip products….but never try softlips…we don’t have it here….
    Thanks for the contest…


  • 11/12/08 10:35 C:

    Is there anywhere I can buy the sugar cookie and cherry one online? I’ve looked all over but I can’t find it here in the UK. :(


  • 11/12/08 12:30 Ghoulina:

    Those all sound so yummy! The sugar cookie one has my name all over it *is a fiend for sweet foody flavours/scents* hehehe ^_^


  • 11/12/08 14:25 cowgirltazz:

    These are my absolute favorites!! I love this product.


  • 11/12/08 16:39 actionashleigh:

    Props for the Beauty on a Budget post. Absolutely love that idea!

    And I also love SoftLips. It’s such a great product! Hopefully I win, these sound so fun.



  • 11/13/08 10:29 the Muse:

    hiya iowagirl!

    Awww I relate. I hate winter..I always get dry flaky lips yak!

    aww poor you :( Try out these are rosebud salve my miracle cure all :)

    good luck!
    Hope you win!


  • 11/13/08 10:30 the Muse:

    hi babyboo!

    Awwww that stinks! Maybe you’ll win 😉 and you can have sugar cookie and cherry flavored lips for the season hehe!

    Good luck!


  • 11/13/08 10:31 the Muse:

    hey sarah!

    Awww tis romantic it is :) The Muse loves the Puffball hehehehehe!

    ugh me and LE are ridiculous :) ever find yourself stocking up on crazy amounts of an item b/c it’s LE? how diseased!

    LOL yes totally :) and the bratz dolls..eww!


  • 11/13/08 10:32 the Muse:

    hello there babysaffron!

    Me too :) I’m glad you can join up and get a chance to win this!

    Good luck!


  • 11/13/08 10:34 the Muse:

    hi c!

    hmm ships internationally I think? Also ebay has a ton!!!!!!!! and people on ebay def ship internationally :)

    hope this helps!

    And good luck!


  • 11/13/08 10:36 the Muse:

    hi there cowgirltazz!

    me too :) always tuck one or two in my purse!

    Good luck!!!!!!!


  • 11/13/08 10:37 the Muse:

    hi there Ashleigh

    :-) Glad you enjoy the beauty budget finds :)

    I agree…softlips are an awesome product 😉 Hope you snag it!

    Good luck!


  • 11/13/08 11:41 Audrey C.:

    Hmm, I haven’t tried SoftLips in a long time. If I win, you might be guilty of causing me to buy more lip stuff I don’t need, lol.


  • 11/13/08 14:01 ale!:

    hi muse! at this point, after reading your blog for the last few months…I can say: you’re awesome!! It’s really hard for me to check out these products (I live in Peru)…Anyway i just wanted to say thanks!!! I’m a makeup junkie… but we don’t get all these products here…=(
    anyway…don’t stop muse =) we love you!
    take care =)


  • 11/13/08 14:02 the Muse:

    LOL audrey I hear you 😉

    Good Luck lovie!


  • 11/13/08 14:04 the Muse:

    hi ale! !

    Thank you so much *hugs* Thank you so much! You should check MUA 😉 honestly there are a slew of great people over there who are willing to purchase and ship abroad :)

    I can totally relate to wanting something and not being able to get it here in the US 😉 like my Japanese addiction :)

    Thanks so much for the great comment!

    GOOD LUCK :)
    hope you win!


  • 11/14/08 17:21 Vera:

    Hi MUSE!

    I think Muse is a pretty appropriate name for you, honestly. I literally stalk your blog. Thanks for all the info, u give me good reading material!

    I am lusting after the cheery and sugar cookie pack… looks good! :)
    Have a great weekend =)


  • 11/14/08 17:40 Luna Soeth :):

    I’ve never heard of these. I’ll have to check out the site cause they look really cute! Plus my lips and winter are not bffs, so I need something that works very well (which is so hard to find sometimes) to keep them nice. :)


  • 11/14/08 19:41 Hana:

    I’ve been using Softlips for ages too. 😀 I love the fact that they have sun protection in them. I haven’t seen these new flavors yet, I hope I can find a store that sells them if I don’t win!


  • 11/15/08 17:52 Stephanie C:

    I have never seen these, but yum!! Vanilla and mint and sugar cookie!! I may have to hunt these down…

    Thank for all your reviews – even the ones I my wallet cries at!!


  • 11/15/08 22:08 Elle, Okay?:

    Both of these combos sound so good! Even if I don’t win (I don’t have the best luck), I’m going out to hunt these bad boys down!


  • 11/16/08 8:35 Sherry:

    Thanks for making this one open to the USA! The Cherry and Sugar Cookie set sounds divine and calorie-laden!*lol* Seriously, they sound so moisturizing and silky that they really whet my appetite!


  • 11/16/08 21:23 ??? @ plue:

    if only this is available here, it’d give my Shu’s lip serum a run! 😛


  • 11/17/08 9:52 the Muse:

    hi vera!

    aw thanks so very much! I’m so glad you enjoy Musings :)

    I hope you win ’em :) Thanks so much hope you had a fab weekend!

    Good luck! And thanks for leaving such a fab comment :)


  • 11/17/08 9:54 the Muse:

    hi luna!!!!!

    Thats me! My lips are so rough come the winter :(

    Hope you win ’em!

    Good luck!


  • 11/17/08 9:55 the Muse:

    hi hana!

    I like they have SPF too :) And the flavors are just a plus!

    I hope you win ’em! I believe all local drugstores have ’em like cvs, wallgreens, etc..:)


  • 11/17/08 9:56 the Muse:

    hi there elle!

    LOL I don’t either but you never know elle :)

    Good luck hun! and if not I’m sure you can find ’em anywhere like cvs, target, etc :)


  • 11/17/08 9:59 the Muse:

    hi Sherry!

    You’re most welcome I think you meant worldwide right? hehe as my contests are always open to US readers :)
    :) I’m glad you’re excited
    Hope you win!


  • 11/17/08 10:00 the Muse:

    hi plue!

    GOOD LUCK :) I hope you’ll be able to try ’em lovie!

    I’m just writing the last names down and I’ll be pulling them out and posting in 5 minutes!


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