MAC Monogram

Here’s something to get excited about! MAC Monogram is alive and kicking at

I do so admit that I was slightly disappointed with MAC Hello Kitty but MAC Monogram…..this is something I can get seriously excited and happy about! The collection looks stunning and quite gorgeous!

The following is being released with this collection

MAC Monogram Lipstick

  • Status Symbol
  • Marque
  • All Mine
  • Flourish

MAC Monogram Lipgloss

  • Monodramatic
  • Distinguished
  • Identity
  • Posh Life

MAC Sheerspark Pressed Powder

  • Old English
  • Personal Touch
  • Keepsake
  • Commemorate

MAC Monogram Sheer Mystery Powder
Light, Medium, and Dark

MAC Monogram Brushes

MAC Monogram Clutch

MAC Monogram Fragrance Set

I love the looks of the Sheerspark Pressed Powder! Nice to see these are a powder and not a cream highlighter! I also love the looks of the Monogram Lipgloss, the colors look quite stunning, I particularly have my eye on Posh Life!

How about you?

Wanting anything from this chic collection?

Saving your cash for MAC Dame Edna and MAC Hello Kitty?

Splurging a little on MAC Monogram?

Tell the Muse!

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  • 11/24/08 15:19 :

    I love Mac, but I agree with you, Hello Kitty and Dame Edna arenŽt too pretty to fall in love with them. But this collection is… Ąlovely! IŽm from Spain, so IŽll have to wait.


  • 11/24/08 15:25 Phyrra:

    There’s no red in the lippies :(
    This makes me sad.

    Otherwise, I’m not too excited by this release. Maybe it’s just been too many MAC releases this year, but I’m kinda eh about it.


  • 11/24/08 15:26 the Muse:

    hola rocio!


    Amen! Someone else who doesn’t like HK :) I just wasn’t feeling the packaging! Although I do like the purple of Dame Edna :)

    This is very elegant and chic! Much like Stylistics from last year :)

    Ohhh I sure do hate that Europe and Asia are late with releases nice if you got it the same time as us!

    Thanks for the comment and hope it arrives your side soon!



  • 11/25/08 0:45 Nell:

    Oh, IŽll be splurging all right! Love it! AND IŽm going to get it soon, yay!


  • 11/25/08 9:04 Pixie:

    Thought I’d left a comment already, but in case I didn’t: omg, this is gorgeous. I love this kind of packaging. I will definitely be getting at least two of the compacts.


  • 11/25/08 9:05 Laura:

    Oh this is like my perfect collection,
    the colours are so subtle and chic.
    I can see me spending a fortune on getting as much of this as possible!


  • 11/25/08 10:17 the Muse:

    hi pixie!

    This is fab isn’t it? I want the compacts myself and maybe a gloss and lippie! So pretties :)


  • 11/26/08 23:35 Ghoulina:

    I loooove the packaging on this collection! I really want Status Symbol l/s and one of the the sheerspark powders. I can’t wait to see them in person!


  • 11/28/08 12:42 Paige:

    Since I needed a brow gel, I picked up the Mystery powder in Medium Plus as well. I just picked up the MSF Natural in Medium (and love it)so I’m hoping that Med+ is close…maybe it will be suit my skin this summer. This is my first time with the MAC Couture collections. The compact looks very nice but we shall see (the refill helps reconciling the $50usd too) I love enameled pieces so I have high expectations. Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for the posts!:-)


  • 12/1/08 12:53 the Muse:

    have you seen ’em yet ghoulina?

    I haven’t had a sec to stop at mac but dying to see!


  • 12/1/08 12:54 the Muse:

    hi paige!

    oo lucky! I always find it comforting they include an extra powder for your $50 bucks!

    It sounds like a lovely collectioN! I still haven’t seen it ugh! I must get to the mall!

    Glad you hauled some!



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