Demeter Pick Me Up Cologne Spray Junior Mints Review

Am I the only one that associates mint with the Holidays? I dunno what it is but I always love minty fresh scents when Christmas comes to town!

Maybe it’s the candy canes or the cold winter air that gets me all hyped over mint? Who knows!

How about…chocolate and mint? Now that’s a marriage most divine! Since the Muse doesn’t mind in the least smelling edible she finds that Demeter Pick Me Up Spray in Junior Mints does the trick to get her in a festive mood! A bit of creamy mint and a whole lot of chocolaty goodness combined creates a cooling, minty fragrance that’s dominated with deep notes of chocolate….indeed it smells good enough to eat!

You may very well find the idea of wanting to smell like mint and chocolate quite obscure but the Muse thinks it fits her personality perfect and makes for some rather quirky conversation of “Wow, what are you wearing!?”

Head over to to check out Junior Mints! And do have a look at the new Hershey Collection and tons of gift sets available for the upcoming holidays!

What’s are some weird blends you like?

What are some that remind you of the holiday season?

Tell the Muse!

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  • 1/9/11 18:07 lilaleahg:

    Muse, I have a question about the Demeter perfumes: do they have great lasting power? Most perfumes fade away on me after 20 minutes.

    I’ve tried four or five different brands, but after asking numerous people if they like my perfume, they always say, “Oh…what perfume?”. With Demeter I’m hoping it’ll be different…I’m hoping the scent won’t fade away after 20 minutes or more. ;(


    • 1/10/11 11:05 the Muse:

      hi lila you’ll run into the same prob with this as they are cologne sprays def not in the realms of perfume so bad throw and linger.


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