Religious Cosmetic Musings: Looking Good For Jesus

Religious Musings ahead with some comic relief……you’ve been warned!

The Muse likes to think she’s an agnostic kinda girl although on occasion she’s been known to lean towards the atheist side of the field. Now her parents did their best and sent the Muse to Catholic elementary school and an all girl’s Catholic High School but here be the Muse a few hundred years later and her beliefs are quite drastically changed from when she was a mere girl.

The Muse has decided that the best way to bring Jebus into her life was to do so with bubble bath, moisturizer, and lip balm. I mean this is surely how a Muse would gain faith right? So she set on her quest to find Jebus by taking the leap of faith into cosmetic country. Sadly, she found out that not many cosmetic brands care about the all mighty God just about the all mighty dollar!


But…now…recently…she was enlightened by the latest brand from Blue Q entitled “Looking Good for Jesus”! This was it! This would surely be my way to the Lord!

My god look at that slogan! “Look your Sunday Best! Guaranteed to help you be worthy and get noticed by the King of Kings!” This is possibly so morally and maybe politically incorrect I can’t help but piss myself laughing!

Now to get tight with Christ you can indulge in bubble bath, lip balms, and many other fabulous and heavenly items!

Find the Lord in your bathtub!

A Sparkling Hand Cream! I just knew that Jebus would love the sparkles!

Jebus Lip Balm! It says that this will be return my lips to near virgin quality! Bless Be!

Now to get the full effects of this amazing brand the Muse does recommend checking it out for yourself by clicking here!

The Muse has meditated (and prayed) on the topic and she’s decided that these items could surely change the face of Jesus, the church, and religion as we know it! If you hit the cosmetic junkies with the Lord surely the good news of Christ will spread far and wide.

Indeed…Jesus needs to consider tapping this industry!

If you’re wanting to get jiggy with Jesus do check out the Blue Q website for further details as I’m positive you’ll at the very least want the lip balm! Lord knows where your lips have been right? Best get them back to virgin-like quality fast!

  • 7/29/10 12:07 tina:



    • 7/29/10 12:10 the Muse:

      ha tina glad you’re praising Jebus this morning 😀


      • 8/9/12 13:54 Joana:

        Hey!!!! I just HAD to comment this, found your blog two days ago and I’m already addicted. You’re an inspiration to all women, not only are you beautiful and know your stuff you’re seriously funny, you had me cryin’ with this on. Lots of love from portugal, you’re awesome.


        • 8/9/12 13:58 the Muse:

          aw joana thank you so much! <3! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my site and glad I could make you laugh :) xoxoxo! Many hugs! and thanks for leaving a comment that totally made my day!


  • 1/15/15 20:11 Lacy:

    This made my day. Jebus, loves it. Too cute.


    • 1/16/15 15:34 Isabella Muse:



  • 1/16/15 10:19 Daniela:

    This is so rude on so many levels lmao


    • 1/16/15 10:59 Isabella Muse:

      haha true!


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