Beauty Blast from the Past: Majolica Majorca Flesh & Blood Cheek Stain

One item the Muse truly misses is Majolica Majorca Flesh & Blood Cheek and Lip Stain.

Take a blast to the past with the Muse to hear why she misses Majolica Majorca Flesh & Blood Cheek and Lip Stain!

Sigh…dontcha just hate when your fav products get up, walk away, and never return? So be the case with the limited edition run of Majolica Majorca Flesh & Blood.

These fabulous little tubes of color were available in four shades, were cheap as day old chips, and nicely pigmented! Many stains are too red or too pink but Flesh & Blood managed to captured a true blush of color and added a beautiful finish to lips and cheeks. The gel formula was easy to blend and melted into the skin leaving behind moist, dewy color that was both natural and flattering.

I sure do miss these and wish that Majolica Majorca would bring them back or at least do a similar release! For now I’m forced to blast into my past with the two remaining tubes I do have stashed away and I’ll mourn the day they are gone!

Have you every tried Majolica Majorca Flesh & Blood?

Have a few stashed away for a rainy day?

Tell the Muse about your Beauty Blast from the Past holdings!

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  • 9/28/10 7:33 Ryou:

    Oy, I’m actually commenting on a really old post… But whatever. =P

    *CRY* I really really really wanted to try this, but they discontinued it before I could even get a freaking Paypal account. T__T (the woes of being Indonesian, Paypal and online vendors tend to hate you! Paypal STILL won’t accept Indonesian debit card now. >.< )


    • 9/28/10 11:35 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear it ryou :(


      • 9/29/10 6:37 Ryou:

        I learned from the experience, at least. There are more than one ways to make use of your American fiance! =P


        • 9/29/10 9:49 the Muse:

          ha ryou ;D


  • 2/8/12 22:33 Hayley:

    MJ’s got a new product similar to their flesh and blood, check this out, it’s called Blood On, and it’s on asian market by feb 2012


    • 2/8/12 22:39 the Muse:

      yup i know hayley, I purchased it when it released earlier this month :)


  • 2/20/13 18:42 bebe:

    I still have my Yardley Slicker Lip Polishes from 1968, and I do use them once in a while, albeit VERY sparingly, LOL. They were part of the London Look collection, and the colors were just to die for…shimmery pastels that anyone could wear regardless of skintone. They came in eight shades and were a compliment to the London Look and Poetry Collection lipsticks. I’ve tried to find duplicate colors from other companies over the years, but none quite compared to Yardleys palette and formula. I keep them in the refrigerator to deter bacteria due to their age, but have honestly never had a problem. Although I suppose at some point I will have to accept a substitute, I’m holding out as long as the Slickers hold up. It’s a shame Yardley no longer produces makeup like they did back in the day..


    • 2/22/13 15:43 the Muse:

      gosh I don’t remember those bebe! take a pic I’d love to see lol!


  • 2/23/13 21:11 bebe:



    • 3/4/13 9:39 the Muse:

      bebe I don’t think I got them!?


  • 4/24/13 22:23 bebe:

    Hi, Muse…I just happened to check this page, glad I did. I attached them to a email and sent it to Was that the right address?


    • 6/17/13 15:30 the Muse:

      hi bebe sorry very delayed reply. no hun, you have to send via the contact form located above my menu bar! :)


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