Kose Softymo Powder Wash Whitening Formula Review

As per my original post about how I was cleaning up my washroom and coming across all sorts of cleansers, creams, potions, and lotions from various Asian brands.

Today I’ll be reviewing Kose Softymo Powder Wash Whitening Formula. Did I just hear a yay for whitening? The Muse is all about whitening agents although a majority of them don’t work so well but hey it’s worth a try!

Does Kose Softymo Powder Wash Whitening Formula really whiten?

We’ll see…jump ahead to hear the word!

Kose Softymo Powder Wash is a typical powder wash which comes in a fine powder formula that you add water to in order to develop a sudsy wash for whisking away dirt, oil, and other nasties from your face. It’s one of my favorite powder washes mainly because it’s dead cheap at around $3-$6 USD so really who can’t love that?

I also happen to love it because it’s particularly good at washing away makeup (not eye makeup obviously) without drying out my skin. It contains Aloe Vera which could account for why my skin feels quite nice and moist after use.

Supposedly it clears away dead skin cells while preventing dull skin and offering a “whiten”, “renewed” skin. Sorry, have to disappoint here, but I didn’t experience much in the way of renewal to be honest or whitening of any kind.

Honestly, it’s a great, inexpensive budget powder wash that works great at getting my face clean without investing a ton of cash plus no tightness or dryness after use but that’s about it. Don’t expect bells and whistles as there aren’t any here.

The one plus side of the whitening formula is it doesn’t retain the strange sour milk smell that a majority of Softymo Powder Washes are legendary for. This is an upside for me as I really get a tiny bit turned off by that stench of the other powder washes even though it goes away almost instantly.

All in all if you can find it cheap it’s well worth picking up especially if you like powder washes!

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  • 9/17/09 8:03 vanni:

    Hi Muse, I don’t know if you’re a fan of Kose, but i do know that you adore Japanese cosmetics, so I thought I’d let you know that Kose released a new make up line called Addiction by Ayako. This make up line sounds awesome–definitely not for the shy and timid because they utilize strong colors and smoky eyes instead of the usual sheers!
    Here’s the site: http://www.addiction-beauty.com/


    • 9/17/09 9:35 the Muse:

      hi vanni!

      I am indeed particularly Beaute de Kose. I’ve seen the line and it looks incredible 😀 I wasn’t keen on the packaging but I adored the stronger colors as it’s a unique find in the Japanese cosmetic world 😀 I was trying to decide if it was a haul or not for me.

      Thanks for mentioning it again here 😀


  • 9/17/09 8:37 vanni:

    I forgot to add, I learned about this new line from:
    The blog is presented in Japanese and in English–which I think is great!


    • 9/17/09 9:36 the Muse:

      Hi Again vanni 😀 I read that blog. En is a reader of mine 😀 It’s been a while since I talked to her but she’s lovely! Love her blog 😀


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