Musings of the Day: Packaging Rat

When you buy new makeup be it MAC or anything else, do you keep the boxes and packaging it comes with?

Are you a pack rat?

The Muse normally keeps special items in their boxes. And sometimes she even keeps packaging for expensive brands, for example all my Givenchy blushes and shadow quads are kept in their boxes even if they aren’t LE. MAC boxes I normally toss unless it’s a special packaging like FAFI or Barbie, etc…

I used to keep Bobbi Brown in all the packaging but lately I toss it out even LE palettes I find that I toss the boxes which surprises me considering how anal I am about my cosmetic collection.

Crummy packaging, even if the item is LE, normally gets tossed. For example Urban Decay’s sometimes has cruddy plastic packaging on LE items and I just toss that out. I also do this with LE Japanese brands products such as KATE palettes that are LE…the packaging is just plastic so I normally toss it, same for Lavshuca.

I actually wish I can get out of keeping boxes and packaging because it’s such a hassle to store, organize, and even find items I’m looking for when everything is in little boxes.

I guess this makes me a bit of a packaging rat and a bit of a tosser depending on brands and such!

How about you?

Packaging rat?

No way! I toss it!

Tell the Muse!

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  • 1/20/15 16:30 krankenheim:

    Yes and no. I keep packaging for everything from everything “luxury” for about a week before I toss it. Sometimes I forget and keep it a little longer. But the only reason why I keep packaging is because I’m not ashamed to return something I’m not happy with. Ulta has a great return policy!


  • 1/22/15 14:16 mirandagrosvenor:

    I kept all my packaging (blister cards & such) growing up…underneath my dresser, of all things. One day my dad didn’t know what it was and tossed it. I had a fit. It’s ok now, dad. :)

    Some of my high end stuff I do keep the boxes, but I don’t keep it IN the boxes. I would be way too lazy to take it out when I wanted to use it. I just open them up and flatten ’em, storage problem solved.


    • 1/22/15 14:23 Isabella Muse:

      lol I can imagine how you felt Miranda 😀


  • 1/23/15 0:41 Iris:

    I keep the packaging if it’s pretty (like for Hello Kitty’s limited edition products- I can’t bear to recycle them). For others, they are usually recycled. I slightly regret recycling my Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir box even if it was no use to me.


  • 8/18/15 4:25 Zovesta:

    Only if it’s not drugstore… but even some of my non-drugstore packages I’ll toss. I’ll keep most of them, just for the pride of having spent a little bit more money on something exciting. I’ve never owned a MAC product before, so I keep the MAC eyeliner box, for example.


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