Labello Caregloss and Shine Review

The Muse didn’t realize how big Labello would be when she posted a review on some Labello Lipbalms a few weeks ago! Suddenly her inbox is filed with comments and questions about Labello.


So at many a reader request I decided to do some more Labello reviews. One in particular that comes with a Muse Approval for purchase in Labello Caregloss and Shine!

Loves it!

Find out why after the jump!

There are only two shades of Labello Caregloss and Shine which does so make my life easier. As much as I love Labello it does get a bit overwhelming when it comes to the variety of a simple lip balm! Sometimes taking away options for the Muse is a good thing otherwise she’d sit there and want every single color. In this case the best shade available is Pink Star! Amen for lack of colors! For once I’m relieved I don’t have to make difficult color selections.

I have a slew of reasons why I absolutely adore Labello CareGloss and Shine starting with the color! Pink Star is the perfect pink that makes lips look natural and pretty. It’s just such a flattering shade of pink that makes my lips look full, pouty, and very, very pretty. The shade has a certain fun feel about it and makes me feel girly! Probably the most important factor about Labello Caregloss and Shine is the formula which allows for endless hours of wear. The formula has a slight silicon feel but remains slippery and glossy with a shiny, mirror finish. The silicon aids the gloss in wearing quite long on your lips while having a very comfortable wear without a sticky or tacky feeling. The gloss keeps lips moist and heals chapped or dry lips all while giving a beautiful touch of pink to lips! How many healing lip products do you have lying around that heals lips and offers great color?!

Doesn’t it look soooooo pretty on my lips!?

If you’re wanting a long lasting gloss with beautiful color and the ability to heal dry, chapped lips look no further as Labello Caregloss and Shine has you covered.

A tried and true favorite for the Muse. Loves it!

A few readers have asked me where to get Labello online and I’m really not an expert as I have someone who ships them over from Europe for me but I do suggest trying E-bay or these shops:

Amazon Shopping

Prices are sadly not retail and are nearly 50% higher than what you’d pay in Europe but Labello is such good quality it’s probably worth the increase.

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  • 11/6/09 4:09 sj:

    This is available in the U.S. but it’s labeled under the Nivea brand. Owned by the same manufacturer, same formula, colors, and packaging with slightly modified label. :) Both the caregloss/shine and the stick balms.


    • 11/6/09 9:17 the Muse:

      hi sj

      yup! after trying both the one from europe and the one from the US I feel like the one from Europe has a way better formula imho :) so I continue to get them from Holland 😉


  • 1/3/10 16:32 niewniewjen:

    MUSE! Disaster has struck Canada; i dunno if you’ve got it there in the states, but it seems that Nivea has bought out Labello!?!? =O I was a diehard labello fan and read your review of their shinyyyy balms and went and looked for it. Found it…same packaging and care, same company on the back (Biersdorf or something like that)…but…it’s NIVEA! whyyyy? Just making sure I’m not going crazy up here in the cold of Ottawa =P


    • 1/4/10 20:35 the Muse:

      hi jen 😀 Nivea has always had it’s hand in Labello it’s just that Nivea’s formula in the US is terrible compared to the one in Europe hehe! You’re def not crazy hehe, Labello/Nivea have always been one in the same. I haven’t tried the Canadian formula of Nivea/Labello but I have tried the US and feel it’s very diff compared to the European one :)


  • 4/6/10 2:49 Lain:

    Hi there Muse. I have read and enjoyed your reviews very much. I have a few questions on this labello product: does it have a taste and/or smell? I was an avid user of labello back in high school, but at one point I got tired of the taste of labello lipbalms. I felt like I was eating it all day! so I stopped purchasing it. But this product caught my attention since it has color in it. They sell it as Labello in Mexico and you can find it pretty much everywhere 😛


    • 4/6/10 9:21 the Muse:

      hi lain how are you?

      Regular labello lip balms are scented/flavored according to their labels…like the starfruit line. And the caregloss kinda has a plastic taste….

      Hope this helps 😀


  • 4/27/10 16:39 L:

    Does the Lobello CoQ10 plump the lips?


    • 4/28/10 10:08 the Muse:

      not really L.


  • 5/25/10 14:57 CantLuvCantHurt:

    You tried Labello? Huh, well I live in Europe and I can say that I stopped buying Labello balms etc. at an early stage. I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchasing the Brand simply because it’s not that good. It would be the same if I bought Chapstick. Not gonna happen. I’m not saying that all of their products are bad or anything like that, but there are a whole lot better products out there.


    • 5/25/10 14:58 the Muse:

      sorry to hear you aren’t a labello cantluvecanthurt!


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