Musings of the Day: Sooooooooooo Overrated!

My Musings of the Day was brought on suddenly after watching a video from FloridaSweety on youTube.

Please tell me you subscribe to her videos? No? Check it below and you’ll totally understand my obsession.

Is she hysterical or what? I absolutely adore how she starts out on one topic and starts flying off the handle from topic to topic. Absolutely adored when she stops mid sentence because her cell phone starts to ring and she goes off on a tangent about how she won’t pick it up.

Lord…youTube is the best.


The moral of the story is FloridaSweety was saying how overrated MAC is and I was wondering what brand or brands do you think are terribly overrated?

Click below for my answer!

Ok, I probably have a few answers for this. Let’s see. I think NYX is big time overrated. They have alot of great stuff but the raves about how comparable they are to MAC…ummm overrated! One such example would be everyone comparing NYX shadows to MAC ummm again no I don’t think. Very nice shadows but not as good as MAC in my humblest.

It’s Monday so my brain is slow today and I’m only coming up with the one brand…so throw some my way!

Which brand or brands are completely overrated?

Tell the Muse!

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  • 9/16/10 12:52 Adora:

    I think Mac is overrated, I know, I know but to be honest I find it kinda boring… which gets me onto my next topic, which products do you hink are underrated? For me its defo the Urban Decay BOS loooooooooooooads of people complain about the overly fancy packaging but seriously? Do they not see that the beauty of the product is the fantabulous packaging to match the gorge shades and amazing names?


    • 9/16/10 13:14 the Muse:

      hey adora I actually mentioned in my post what I thought was overrated ;-D there are so many others though! mac does kinda get ALOT of hype heck I hype it myself haha ;-D I agree on BOS def love the package!


  • 3/4/12 1:02 Taylor:

    I agree completely Adora! I think Mac is the most overrated brand. I’ve never had a MAc product, and probably never will……… Why in the world would I pay like $15 for an eyeshadow!?!?!? It is just insanity to me, hahaha. 😀 I love my wet n’ wild eye shadows, I would get like 5 trios (with 3 eyeshadows in each!), in place of 1 Mac eye shadow. If they lowered their price then I would be a bigger fan of them. Urban Decay is kind of overrated too.


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