Avon MagiX Tinted Face Perfector

I can feel the love here or maybe it’s the magic?

Omg wasn’t that the lamest excuse ever to post David Bowie pimps? Oh well. Dance Magic Dance! w00t!

Anyway the moral of this story is the magic happens to be in the Avon MagiX Tinted Face Perfector.

Merely $7.99 USD gets you a magic foundation that supposedly visibly minimizes pores with a suavy Optix (that’s Optix not Optic) Light Diffusing Technology. This holds back shine for up to 10 hours, reduces the look of fine lines, contains SPF 15, and will possibly drive you to work in the morning too. The powder is particularly interesting as it works as a BB cream would by adapting to your skin like dance magic!

Awesome! I wants it! Please can I has some now?

  • 4/7/10 16:32 Guida:

    Whoa! Have you tried this one already? I just found your blog while Googling about Avon reviews. I have this foundation and LOVE IT! What’s your opinion? Oh, by the way, the new Magix foundation didn’t arrive to Portugal yet :(



    • 4/12/10 16:16 the Muse:

      hi guida! I have not but did try the new cashmere foundation which I liked 😀 must get this one!

      Hugs back hun!


      • 4/12/10 18:00 Guida:

        I’ve already pre-ordered mine, but I’ll only have it in my hands in May ;_; It’s not available in Portugal yet.

        By the way, it seems this compact foundation won’t be sold anymore, at least they referred it in this catalogue. I love it!



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