Beauty Muse: Take Urban Decay Primer Potion and Make It Better

Wanna muse improvements for Urban Decay Primer Potion with me?

How can you possibly take something as awesome and incredible as Urban Decay Primer Potion and make it better? Not possible!

But yes, I’m sure we are all in agreement we can def do a better job of UDPP. Not so long ago I almost lost a finger or two trying to cut open my bottle of Urban Decay Primer Potion. Can’t recall? Jump for the details!

I was quite pleased with the amount of UDPP that was stuck up in the neck of the bottle after splitting mine open. Oh how sad is it we all toss our bottles out and inside is tons and tons of primer still stuck in the the bottle. Sigh! After I hacked into my bottle I transferred all that beautiful primer to a small sample jar but turns out, for some odd reason, the primer isn’t nearly as good once it’s out of the bottle. The texture becomes a bit dry and actually loses it’s ability to hold shadow in place as once the open air hits it and it lays in the jar a while it just suffers through some sort of transformation. Or at least that happened to me.

So how in the world can we make UDPP better?

New packaging that’s how! I wouldn’t love a tube like Too Faced Shadow Insurance but I’d love a straight line bottle with the same sponge applicator so I can get all the goodness out without having the struggle with the sexy curved bottle the primer currently sports!

How about you?

Go on! The Muse knows you’d love a new style packaging for our old favorite!

Tell me how you’d make it better!

  • 2/16/10 19:12 My Anh:

    I agree the bottle is quite difficult to get around. However I was thinking if you put the bottle in lukewarm water, let it stay there for a bit so that the primer will have some heat in it, then melts down to the bottle.

    Then take the bottle out of the water, let it stand up straight for a while until the texture settles back again. My primer hasn’t run out yet so I haven’t tried this method yet, however I do this to all my lip glosses that I totally love and don’t want to throw away as you cannot buy some of them again. Once that range is over then it’s gone for good.

    If my UDPP ever runs out, I’ll try this and will get back to you on it. You could try it for yourself if one of your primer is running out.


    • 3/3/10 22:21 the Muse:

      hey my anh I rarely do that as it changes the consistency of a product badly :( it’s good when your down to the last little bit yes but sometimes I noticed it changes the gloss texture completely!!!! drives me bonkers 😀 I normally slice it open when it runs low hehe!


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