Lush: A BIG Bathing Experience XXL Bath Bombs

Lush has super sized three of it’s popular bath bombs and taken them from 6.3oz to a whooping 28oz!


I’ve blogged super size Lush before when I gave you a peep at my Lush Pud from Christmas ’07. The concept is the same as the Pud but the bombs aren’t technically “filled” with goodies which makes them cheaper in price and also leaves me wondering are they solid or hallow? I’d say hallow inside as that sure would be a HEAVY bath bomb!

No matter what way you splice it you can’t deny these are a fab addition to the Lush line up and the price is quite friendly too as you can get quite a few baths out of one bomb or of course you can just shuck the entire thing in your tub if you’re feeling the need to spoil yourself rotten.

Each bomb is $15.95 USD each and available now from Lush NA and Lush UK. They are available in Big Blue, Avobath, and Sex Bomb scents!



  • 1/7/10 16:32 Erin:

    How many bathes did you get out of one? Did you try just using one whole one in a bath? I love Big Blue and really am excited about them.


    • 1/7/10 16:40 the Muse:

      mmmmm I got two baths out of them Erin 😀 but you can get more if you want to cheap it up! I did LOL it was fun! 😀


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