Lush Chox Away Soap

Brand new to Lush UK, Chox Away Soap is a smooth, creamy chocolate hand and body soap.

We all likey guilt free chocolate right?

Although it hasn’t made it’s way across to our pond as of yet I’m sure we’ll see Chox Away sooner or later. Although I’m not big on chocolate scented bath products even I can appreciate a Lush chocolate scented product.

If you can’t wait you can order now from Lush UK.

If you try before the Muse you’ll have to give her the good word, curious minds.

  • 11/21/10 15:34 alli:

    I would actually love this, but I don’t think it is available any longer, is it?? boo. makes me sad when I about things and then I can’t get them…
    also, i was wondering if you could fill me in on the whole swapping thing?!?! I keep seeing/reading about people talking about swapping LUSH stuff and I know nothing about this wonderful idea!
    I have been trying to get into the LUSH UK forum and it keeps telling me that my username/password is incorrect, which is odd, so I can’t get on and see what is going on there (i have an email out to the the board administrator to try to remedy this, but no good word yet…) as i think the swapping thing may occur thru there, but are there other ways to go about it? or do other people sell there LUSH stuff other than ebay (not a huge fan)…any info you can provide would be fab!!! thanks, muse…i truly love your blog…it is so inspiring and I just laugh and smile reading it! it really makes my day and i thank you thank you thank you!!


    • 11/22/10 9:45 the Muse:

      Sorry Alli. Lush discontinues and makes room for new stuff. Not sure if they have it in retro…maybe? Swapping was done away with on the NA forum a while ago not sure about the UK site. I haven’t swapped in a long time, no time to get to PO :) I’m sure there are other Lush forum fan sites or live journal sites with swapping but I haven’t done swapping in a while. MUA might have some Lush too.

      Aw thanks Alli really glad you’re enjoying Musings!!!!!! hugs!


  • 7/7/14 20:28 Kimmy:

    I wonder if this is still available? Will have to check online. :-)


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