Lush Sugar Scrubs

The Muse hopes by now that you discovered the joys of Buffy and may God help you if you haven’t. Hello, it’s Summer soon you want your legs, elbows, and knees in tip top shape right? Head to Lush and snag yourself a bar of the Muse’s favorite scrubby friend, Buffy and get to work!

Well don’t take my word for it! Watch this lovely British Lushie tell us all about the benefits of Buffy:

Aw isn’t he lovely?

See kids? Buffy is good for you. Anyway this is technically not a muse about Buffy, it’s about the brand new Sugar Scrubs from Lush!

Jump ahead for the deets!

Since the new Sugar Scrubs are along the same lines as my beloved Buffy, I’m of course quite excited about their release and already placed an order (Yes, Lush UK ships to the US) eep!

Available now from Lush UK each Sugar Scrub is 2.50 each.

These are a mix of bicarb and cream of tartar plus moisturizing coconut oil which solidifies the product into a buttery bar. Two flavors are available Sugar Babe and A. Sugar Scrub. Sugar Babe is a ylang flowers and mimosa blossom blend and A. Sugar Scrub is a fennel, ginger and lavender blend.

The Muse thinks these are perfect for scrubbing away all her nasty, dry skin from the harsh Winter while making it soft, moisturized, and pretty for Summer. Likey! If you do order, please remember to order now as they will melt in the warmer weather. Sadly, Lush Sugar Scrub is not vegan friendly.

  • 11/21/10 15:23 alli:

    I can’t believe no one else has commented on this gem of a scrub!!! I do love this LUSH product!!! In fact, I just used sugar babe again yesterday and couldn’t stop touching my skin and commenting on how soft it felt after my shower…and keot making my husband feel my arms and ooh and ahh! heehee…it really does make your skin so soft and smooth!!! loves it! i actually haven’t tried Buffy yet, but it has been purchased and it is on it’s way to me as we speak !!! I can’t wait to try it, as I’ve heard such wonderful things and with the winter fast approaching :( I need myself a good body scrub to get rid of the dry yuckiness!!! Can’t wait! Have you tried the new holiday sugar plum fairy scrub?? any thoughts on that if you have tried it? i just ordered one and i’m looking forward to trying it!


    • 11/22/10 9:59 the Muse:

      hi alli

      haven’t tried the sugar plum one yet, you’ll have to fill us in and let us know what you think when it arrives :)


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