MAC Beauty Powder Blush of Youth and MAC Eyeshadow SugarShot Review and Swatches

Hey, hey!

I’m just in from bumming around the mall with my mate Kira. We went to MAC to pick up some MAC Fix+Rose which we were both gagging for. Turns out one bottle was plenty, the Muse was thinking she’d need a case. Anyway I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow or next week for now I’ll spread a little cheer with some MAC A Rose Romance and MAC SugarSweet!

Jump ahead for it.

I’ve been so blooming busy that I didn’t have time to hop to MAC to pick up the other items I was wanting from the MAC A Rose Romance and MAC SugarSweet Collections.

My first round up from SugarSweet didn’t include two items I really wanted which was MAC SugarShot Eyeshadow and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Perfect Topping. I ended up dropping Perfect Topping after seeing how chalky it was. Presented with it at my local CCO in the future I can see myself purchasing but for now I was being ever so frugal and just skipped it as it wasn’t as pretty as Refined was. I did finally end up getting Sugarshot though. This was something I really wanted and wasn’t available during my first purchasing spree. But finally snagged it! Yay! It’s a good one and I rec getting one as it makes a rather nice all over color wash or a highbrow highlighter. It’s a creamy white golden shimmer that’s very pretty.

MAC A Rose Romance I pretty much hauled all there was too haul aside from the fix I so badly wanted and the Blush of Youth Beauty Powder. Blush of Youth isn’t as nearly pigmented as Summer Rose but it is pretty none the less. With a bit of layering it might work well on it’s own as a natural blush or best over some blush to amp it up a bit. As with Summer Rose I think it works best by using it over the new Just a Pinch Gel Blush. I think both of these Beauty Powders were some of the best I’ve seen from MAC in all my collecting days. Def grab them as they are well worth the cash.

Aside from this my haul was very tiny as I am looking forward to Style Warriors as everyone else is too I’m sure.

Feel free to spill what you hauled lately from MAC!

  • 6/1/11 12:27 Alice:

    Hi Muse,

    I’m sorry to post on an old entry but I recently received the Blush of Youth in a swap and I can’t work out if it is fake. It looks real but the code on the back is CC8, is that correct?


    • 6/1/11 12:46 the Muse:

      I’m not sure alice sorry…I don’t have the blush handy at the moment to confirm :-/


  • 4/24/12 15:08 mumtaza:

    hey alice, just a quick note to help:
    Those codes are actually batch numbers so they can be different from one blush to the next within the same color and the items can still be genuine. you wanna look instead at the rest of the label, the packaging, the pan, the product itself. if you can’t see a glaring difference and you like the product, i’d say it’s genuine. i have that one though so if you have other questions, it’s no problem. i love mine! i wear it more than any other besides new one, peony petal.


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