Musings of the Day: youTube Mania!

My fav topic! The Muse has a serious addiction to watching youTube videos. As makeup junkies I imagine we all get our fix on youTube from time to time!

Who are some of your favorite youTube Gurus?

Here are mine in no particular order:







Queen of BlendingMUA

Who are your favs?

Tell the Muse!

  • 3/21/10 13:54 Ally:

    Do you know of any good videos on applying concealer? I can never get mine to blend very well.


    • 3/22/10 18:36 the Muse:

      mmm ally not really hun but so many gurus on youtube you’re bound to find one if you search 😀


  • 6/9/10 14:17 Gillian Pidler:

    Pixiwoo (Sam & Nic Chapman) are my total faves, I’m addicted to You tube make up vids & these two are great, both trained make up artists and soooooooo clever.


    • 6/9/10 14:19 the Muse:

      i like pixiwoo too gillian ;D


  • 6/10/10 6:16 Gillian Pidler:

    They’re deffo my faves but I do also like TiffanyD, she has some gorgeous looks. Only thing is the more vids I watch the more make-up etc I just have to go out and buy so I can try stuff out, oh dear shame!!! 😉


    • 6/10/10 9:44 the Muse:

      lol gillian that’s the worst. between blogs and youtube not sure what creates more wants and needs 😀


  • 12/10/10 23:04 Dina:

    My new fav is Lisa Eldridge. She’s the shiz. And pixiwoo. And many others. Wayne goss is a straight shooter and I love that. He tickles me.


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