NARS Summer 2009

NARS Summer 2009 is already available for purchase at Mmm indeed just turned Spring and on to Summer so soon NARS? Oh well we lurve you anyway!

It’s not my favorite collection from NARS but even I get deny that the colors look very nice and I’m particularly impressed with all that gorgeous shimmering blue on the promo image!

Oooo Tropic! Wanna be friends? Tropic is a gorgeous ocean teal with silver shimmer obviously Muse Approve for purchase before I even get my hands on it. Pretties!

Lovely apricot and radiant orange make up NARS Scorching Sun Shadow Duo. Mimics a burning sun dontcha know! Perfect for Summer eh?

NARS Irresistiblement Bronzing Powder is a rich terracotta to give skin the glow of a healthy tan!

NARS Lipstick in Outsider and Falaba give a kiss of Summer to lips with coral and rose shades! Likey Outsider and wants it for myself!

NARS Belize Lip Gloss offers a shade of pink mauve to lips to contrast that beautiful tan you’ll be sporting this Summer!

Can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore Adelita Nail Polish! Not much of nail girl but I can be tempted by this peachy pink shade!

Overall, I’d say NARS has a nice little line up for Summer. I’m wanting Tropic Eyeshadow, Scorching Sun Duo, and possibly Outsider Lipstick.

How about you?

Anything appealing to you?

Tell the Muse!

  • 3/1/10 1:29 zang:

    i have a favor, when you review or list upcoming collections, can you always make sure to put their prices along with the picture? thanks!


    • 3/1/10 20:29 the Muse:

      will def try but from time to time I do forget zang 😀 forgive me!


  • 3/13/10 8:42 Zangy:

    lol..that’s okay. try when you can. thanks!! love your site!!


    • 3/15/10 16:43 the Muse:

      sure thing zangy thanks :)


  • 5/11/10 9:44 LorraineER:

    OOh Adelita looks like a perfect Pedi-color.


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