Reader’s Request: L’Oreal Beauty Confidential Inspired by Diane Keaton

I know, I know you didn’t believe the Muse when she said Diane Keaton had a collection out from L’Oreal. Even after seeing the proof of a primer from the collection, still you had your doubts.

After many an email asking the Muse, “Please Muse, for the love of god and all good things beauty show us more from this collection!” Here is in fact, proof that the L’Oreal Beauty Confidential Inspired by Diane Keaton Collection is real!

  • 10/3/09 0:04 Joni kaiser’Shea:

    please if at all possible could you contact me as to where or when the L’Oreal confidential smoothing face primer,will be back out or able to order.I have never used a better product that left my face feeling like silk.Make-up application is sooo much better and i have never had more compliments. sincerly,Joni


    • 10/3/09 0:12 the Muse:

      joni I’ve replied to you twice already about this. I do not work for L’Oreal nor do I sell L’Oreal products please read my replies as I’ve included info about the product in my replies. Check e-bay or contact L’Oreal.

      Hope this helps.


  • 2/17/10 7:25 Pam:

    Is there any where we can purchase the Diane Keaton line?


    • 2/17/10 7:27 the Muse:

      hi pam i haven’t seen it since I purchased it a few months ago sadly. I think it was all LE items. perhaps check ebay?


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