Venus Embrace Razor Review

She’s got it! Oh baby she got it! I can’t help but sing that song every time I see a Venus Razor.

Contrary to popular belief Bananarama is not the creative juice behind that song peeps! The dutch band Shocking Blue made it pops! The Muse knows alot about dutch popular culture, trust her.

Anyway! Jump ahead to hear why I’m waxing poetry about Venus!

Venus Embrace razor is what got me singing today. Five blades to tame your hairy legs….if you want you can admit that you might be one of those chick’s that hasn’t shaved since Winter set in….ewww! My friend Jenn swears that shaving her legs in Winter is absolutely unnecessary because no one can “see” them. That’s so wrong, so very, very wrong. Her poor boyfriend! Needless to say I don’t share her views so I guess a Venus Embrace would be a great little gift for Jenn right now although if you ask me I think she needs more than five blades to tame that jungle.

The Venus Embrace comes with two, five blade cartridges and a handy dandy hanging watchamathinga for your shower with a secret stealthy compartment for stashing extra blades. They even offer a money back guarantee if you’re enable to tame your hairy legs (Jenn might need to take advantage of that because she don’t need no Venus Embrace she needs a lawn mower).

Check out more about the Gillette Venus by visiting

She got it ohhhhhhhhh baby she got it! If I were you’d I’d visit the site rather than sit here and listen to me sing….just a suggestion! As for me I’m going to call Jenn and apologize for airing her hairy legs on my blog.


  • 2/16/10 22:43 mercedes:

    hi muse!!!

    ok,so i tried this razor july 09 & it is a good razor but it didn’t make it totally smooth just soft.and that hangy thingy fell off the shower in the hotel room several times which was annoying because it would come apart,but before i could get replacement blades for it my dad threw it out.over good product i would but it again (i have to) it works wonders with pure silk rasberry mist shaving cream!!!


    • 3/3/10 19:21 the Muse:

      hi mercedes sorry for the delayed reply hun! sorry you had a bit of problem with it, I thought it hung in tight but I guess it depends 😀 I def buy ’em again as well :)


  • 2/16/10 22:44 mercedes:

    i meant to say.*overall & buy*


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