bareMinerals Rose Gold Gossamer

A new season, a new Bare Minerals Gossamer!

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If it was up to the Muse she’s be hoarding away Bare Minerals Gossamer like it was the end of their existence but she’s since learned that she can never ever use that large pot. I love, love gossamer but it’s just to big and it’s more of a body product than it is a face so ado I must skip out on the brand new Bare Minerals Rose Gold Gossamer even if it is calling my name!

Bare Minerals continues to impress with each release of their super size body gossamers. This one is a golden rose shade that’s sunny with touches of rose. It looks incredibly lovely and I’m sorely tempted to add it to my collection.

If you’re as tempted as I am you can snag it from QVC by punching in item number A90488. It’s $39 bucks and comes with it’s own kabuki brush!

Want it?

Need it?

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  • 10/16/10 18:52 Promise:

    I’m 22 years old, and I hate the way liquid foundation takes forever to put on and the way it makes my face look. I saw an infomercial about Bare Minerals, and I was wondering if I should try their powder foundation? I want a natural look becayse my boyfriend thinks I don’t need makeup, so I want it to look like I don’t, but I still want to cover redness and even out my tone. Thanks and I ♥ your blog!!!


    • 10/18/10 15:43 the Muse:

      hi promise I sadly don’t have great success with BE, it makes me itch :( so I’m awful one to ask for suggestions on BE. I’m sorry :( I’d buy a kit from sephora if I were you as if you don’t like it, it’s easy to return ;D

      thanks!!!!!!!!!! so glad you enjoy Musings ;-D


  • 2/20/15 20:49 roma queen:

    i used bare minerals rose gold gossamer loved it can’t find it the number on the container is 46388 do you have this


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