Beauty Most Unusual: F-Cup Cake, F-Cup Tea, and F-Cup Cookies For A Larger Bust?

The Muse is fond of a nice hot cuppa in the morning and she’s not averse to a digestive or two with that cuppa. She’s thinking maybe she needs to replace her current morning cuppa and biccie with F-Cup Tea and F-Cup Cookies to enhance her…bust?

Today’s edition of Beauty Most Unusual is a cookie, a tea, and a cake that supposedly enhances your bust….

What will they think of next?

Jump ahead to read what it’s all about!

F-Cake is “supposedly” a great tasting cake that you can microwave and contains 11 essential vitamins to enhance your breasts. Guess that’s with the F and Cup stand for…ha! Whoa if I can achieve an F cup with 11 essential vitamins I’d consider that a miracle in itself! Cake sounded so much more appealing than tea dontcha think?

If you’re not wanting to cake you can indulge in F-Cookies and F-Tea which work the same way containing essential vitamins, herbs, and minerals to bring your bust up a size or three. Prices range from $19.95 to $26.95 USD per a box.

What do you think?

Would you buy a cookie, cake, or tea that promises it’ll enhance your bust?

As for the Muse she’d be scared she’d keel over after sipping this tea!

I’m scared, someone hold me.

  • 8/17/10 1:27 regina:

    oh i saw this before! i doubt they work tho


  • 8/4/11 9:44 jenniet2002:

    of course they will enhance your bust, and also your hips, thighs, and booty cause it’s frickin cake!!!!!!! haha!


    • 8/4/11 9:45 the Muse:

      LOL nice one jenniet ;D


  • 1/13/12 8:47 christine:

    hi muse, it’s effective for me also the night bomber g it firmed my bust since it sagged when i breastfed


  • 3/14/13 20:26 Tiffany:

    I did hear it worked! I did some research on people who experimented it. However, it does sound a little strange and I believe it hasn’t been “clinically proven” to work…


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