Benefit You Rebel Lite Review

As Summer approaches I’m all about lighter coverage, lighter makeup, just less of everything. I’m really minimal about my makeup regime this Summer and keeping it simple is where it’s at for me. In keeping in the theme of lighter makeup I’m always on the look out for the best tinted moisturizer around but never really found just the right one. I do really love Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer but I’ve cheated on it and tried others in the name of beauty blogging.

My quest brought me to Benefit You Rebel Lite last Summer and ever after it’s played an important role in my “run out of the house with as little on my face as possible” routine.

My sister SWEARS by the original Benefit You Rebel. I’m talking can’t live without. But why is beyond me, because no offense Benefit, that stuff is crazy dark and makes me look like a big blob of orangey bronze badness. When the lite version was released I was all about trying it out for myself and I’m pretty glad I did because it’s one of the very few tinted moisturizers I enjoy using!

Jump for it!

Rather random review isn’t it? Benefit You Rebel Lite isn’t new by any means so why am I reviewing it now? I think it deserves a mention because I’m sure, like me, many of you are seeking that perfect light coverage to get you through the long, humid days ahead. What better way to get that coverage than with a tinted moisturizer? Preferable one that works well.

It deserves to be mentioned my first few tries with You Rebel weren’t exactly great. I didn’t really like the results, wasn’t too keen on the overall look, and wasn’t loving the formula. But it’s since oddly grown on me and I find I reach for alot it more daily even when it’s not hot outside or Summer for that matter. These are the days I want to look flawless but I’m not in the mood to go through the entire process of primer, base, foundation, etc…etc….etc….

Right off the bat it’s greasy and it’s oily. It feels pretty darn greasy going on and has a bit of an oily texture. Don’t say I didn’t warn you kids. Now, putting that aside I will say my skin seems to love it but my skin is dry and it sucks up any moisture it can get so even though it feels greasy as hell on my fingers it ends up blending very well onto my skin. Funny as it’s oil free but indeed that’s the feel of the formula all the way.

Secondly, it has a really low SPF of 15. I suppose you’re not going to get much better than 15 in a tinted moisturizer, 30 if you happen to be lucky which is why you should prep prior with your regular SPF for extra coverage if you’re as anal about the sun as I am.

Aside from these two possible flaws it does manage to even out my skin tone and create a nice, lightweight coverage that I can apply a pinch of blush to and be gone. No insanity, no huge makeup regime. Concealer, You Rebel, and a bit of cheek stain and gloss and I’m good to go! It’s possibly one of the better tinted moisturizers I’ve tried since it’s considerably more pigmented than most so it successfully evens out my skin tone plus erases dullness. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with clogged pores or oily skin as this has the potential to be a bomb for that type of skin. However, if you have dry skin and virtually clear pores or no pores like me your skin should suck it up and enjoy.

I also wouldn’t recommend a tinted moisturizer to anyone who desires extra coverage. The point is it’s sheer, lightweight coverage so if you’re wanting to cover a ton of skin woes this isn’t going to do that for you. Stick to regular foundation for that.

If you’re wanting a simple way to create a good working canvas for a light application of makeup I definitely suggest checking out Benefit You Rebel Lite. It’s one of the better tinted moisturizers I’ve tried out.

Any one a Rebel fan?

Tell it!

My next venture? I’m so wanting to try out DuWop Revolution!

  • 7/5/10 10:45 jD:

    I wish I could say I loved you rebel lite. Unfortunately, it’s so far from good for me. After being sat down by the benefit woman (who was insane as far as I know) and given a makeover (which I originally declined!) I was pretty much pressured into buying it.
    It left me shiny and tinted orange.

    Incredibly unimpressed :/


  • 6/26/11 22:07 Ayumi:

    I am eager to get this,I am so tired of skin breakouts and my skin being unable to breathe,on top of it I just started volunteering at a fire station,so I don’t have much time in the morning before catching the 7am bus! Do you think this would work okay with concealers? (I just bought confessions of a concealaholic for this reason)
    Thanks so much,I’ve been a long time reader and your reviews have been quite helpful.


  • 4/19/12 10:10 Durdane Erkal:

    Hi Muse me again :) This is my second time today, I want to ask you even if you are a dry skinned person, can you recommend any tinted moisturizer for oily skinned type people (like me 😉 ) I want to try this one (because of the word lite in it) but I believe it is only valid for its color not its texture?


    • 4/19/12 10:12 the Muse:

      I’m not really sure durdane, my skin is dry and most tinted moisturized I’ve tried have always been quite dewy and moisturizing. you might want to check out Bobbi Brown’s Oil Free TM as that has a semi-matte finish. I don’t suggest Rebel, it’s VERY very emollient. It’ll make you look greasy.


      • 5/25/12 9:06 durdane:

        Thanks Muse!!! I will definitely stay away from this one :)


        • 5/25/12 10:26 the Muse:

          my pleasure durdane :)


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