Excel Summer 2009: Excel Shimmer Mix Shadow

My little eye spies the brand new Excel Shimmer Mix Shadows available from Sana this Summer!


Available in three shades for 1,260 yen each these pretty mosaic shadows look quite interesting. I have three of these LE’s from a few year’s ago but they are solid colors and not as pretty. The finish is a heavy duty shimmer so if you’re not a big fan of such a finish I’d avoid but for those of us that are sparkle junkies these should please!

Colors available are SM01 (Pink), SM02 (Gold) and SM03 (Green).

Wants ’em!

  • 9/5/09 17:30 Tenaya:

    hi i just stumbled upon your blog and i love it!
    I swear I’ve been sitting on the computer for hours reading your reviews. I’m from California and i would really like to know where you could order these eyeshadows? and other Asian Makeup products. I love the idea of Japanese/Korean makeup but i have no idea where to order it! Thanks


    • 9/8/09 9:16 the Muse:

      Hi Tenaya!

      So great to meet you! 😀 Whoa thanks for sticking around so long to read hehe! Unfortunately it’s a little tricky finding good places to order Asian cosmetics from you can see my Guide to Japanese Cosmetic Shopping this is a good place to start. Also ebay as well..but do be careful prices are really jacked up sometimes.

      I have a few friends abroad who do my purchasing for me so I buy at retail but when I can’t I use the stores listed in my buying guide!

      Hope it helps!


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