La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation Review

The Muse had to second guess the idea of shelling out $95 USD for a foundation powder when she seen the new La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation.

But now that I see how flawless my skin is looking I’m a believer.

Jump ahead for the review.

What it promises:

Lightweight coverage in a powder foundation that can go on sheer, medium, or heavy. Contains gemstones that capture light energy to create a translucent color palette, optically erasing imperfections to reveal a flawless completion. Ferment works to add visible clarity and brightness to skin, revealing a more luminous appearance.

What that means for you:

Simply put La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation works much like a transparent white powder to blur fine lines and minor imperfections to create flawless coverage.

I tested out a good size sample of the powder and I must say I am quite impressed. The powder isn’t quite like anything I’ve tried before. The formula is an interesting texture that’s cooling, light, and slightly creamy (I know a powder that’s creamy, sounds weird). I realize the idea of a creamy powder could be a contradiction but the powder does have a slightly strange formula that’s super smooth and blends beautifully, feeling much like a cream would. I was worried about trying it out on my dry skin but it leaves behind beautiful coverage no flakes, no settling on my face like a mask, simply gorgeous coverage. The powder also contains SPF 15 for extra coverage in the sun.

$95 may seem alot to shell out for one powder however the quality of the item more than makes up for the price. It’s ability to offer sheer to full coverage makes it a perfect foundation item for Summer when the idea of liquid foundation makes us cringe.

the Muse sportin’ La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation in Natural

Simply put the powder is truly a luxurious item that manages to conceal and create the illusion of perfect skin. Who doesn’t want just that?

I know I’ll be indulging in the full size shortly.

What do you think?

Anyone try La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation?

Love it?


Check it out at

  • 10/11/09 10:56 kaussar:

    i live in birmingham in the uk and i want to know where i can get Etude House Make Up products from.

    thank you


    • 10/13/09 11:31 the Muse:

      hi kaussar

      only place would be ebay sadly. Beware though prices are very jacked up!



  • 1/2/10 4:53 happytots:

    hi there .. i was just wondering if that picture u took using ur camera *with flash* because you know how some foundation can make you look really pale than in real life .. when photos are taken ..


    • 1/4/10 20:36 the Muse:

      hi happytots this photo was taken with flash hope this helps!


  • 6/2/11 20:31 Viona:

    do they give some kind of samples? because it’s soo expensive ;[


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