Lush Ice Blue Shampoo Review

The Muse has been a long time Lush fan but she can’t honestly say she ever ran into Lush Ice Blue Shampoo. It’s recently been “brought back” via the Lush Retro Collection but for the life of me I can’t recall this shampoo. Was it during the Cosmetic to Go era? Was it during The Body Shop run? The Muse is clueless for sure but she thanks the gods above that it’s been brought back as it’s something special!

If you’re familiar with Lush Washday Greens just think of Lush Ice as the same thing minus the greens. It’s minty and fresh and it makes your scalp tingle and sing in joy! The scent is more of a spearmint smell and quite true to a fresh sprig of mint unlike Lush’s popular Freeze Shower Gel this doesn’t have that herbal, ocean water scent, it’s a good deal more pleasant and sweet smelling. I like Lush Freeze but I don’t love it since the water they use to make it morphs the scent into a medicine, herbal scent that isn’t entirely pleasant. Taking this into consideration I was worried that Ice Blue Shampoo might lean towards the same type of scent but thankfully it’s a fresh mint that’s quite addicting.

The shampoo can be pretty much be used on all hair types but do be careful as it may strip anyone with dyed hair as it’s a hardcore, stimulating shampoo that gets hair squeaky clean and washes silicons and build up clear away. It’s considerably more gentle than many other Lush shampoos but none the less dye jobs beware.

I have many Lush favorites and I’m happily adding Lush Ice Blue Shampoo to my favorite list. It’s fabulous and I highly recommend grabbing one, bet you’ll love it!

Muse Approved, no doubt.

  • 5/16/10 15:27 Andrea:

    Wow, I’ve now read like everything you’ve written about LUSH products. like it a lot! Thanks for the tips and inspiration :)

    I love fresh scents, like lemon and mint, i want this!
    But hey, I do have dyed hair. do you know if LUSH have some shampoo that’s better if you wanna be nice to the dye?
    Cheers! ;D


    • 5/17/10 9:49 the Muse:

      hey andrea 😀 my pleasure! Lush is pretty HARSH on dyed hair from what I hear. I don’t really have any recs for color treated hair as it does strip majorly so be aware prior to use hun!


  • 5/17/10 11:21 Andrea:

    Oh okey, thanks.
    Well I HAVE used LUSH shampoos before, some solids.
    I didn’t notice much difference between them.

    Anyway, my dye often fade fast regardless of shampoo I use, so maybe it’s worth it 😉

    Keep up the great work hun


    • 5/17/10 14:13 the Muse:

      aw thanks andrea surely will!

      no stripping using the solids? Surprised as I hear lush shampoo solid or not is damn stripping.


  • 5/18/10 17:37 Andrea:

    well no it’s the opposite, it ALWAYS fades/strips!
    no matter what I use, hense I choose Lush 😛
    Also, I LOVE Retread conditioner!


    • 5/18/10 21:40 the Muse:

      me too andrea fav conditioner evers. hey it may strip but at least it doesn’t weight hair down 😀


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