Sephora Catalog Summer 2008: Sephora Fantasea

The Sephora Catalog Summer 2009 should be wingin’ it’s way to your mail box soon, if it hasn’t already. It’s considerably smaller than years past but quite nice none the less.

I’m not particularly excited about the items in the catalog but I do so admit I’m thrilled with the theme which is entitled Fantasea. I’m partial to mermaids and the mysteries the ocean holds so this is right up my alley. With plenty of aquatic eye looks and really great model images I was simply enthralled with the catalog although as I mentioned there was nothing makeup wise that caught my attention in a major way.

Without further babble from me check out some of the pictures I snapped of the catalog!

Well done Sephora, the Muse loves it! With the economy slowly, very slowly on the up rise Sephora managed to create quite a nice little catalog for Summer ’09. I do so look forward to seeing the updates on the website soonish plus any videos or tutorials they might be generous enough to share with us, as the Muse always wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up!

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  • 9/14/09 3:03 kimberly:

    would you happen to still have that catalog?
    i was wondering if you knew what lipgloss the blonde mermaid in the second picture down from the top was wearing (LASH BLAST page).
    I find her whole make up enchanting (:
    thanks very much !



    • 9/14/09 9:14 the Muse:

      hi kimberly!

      great vid thanks!

      I do not sure where. I normally keep ’em. If I have a second I’ll look through my old catalogs and post back the gloss. It really is pretty makeup!


  • 3/2/10 17:31 dawson angela:

    i have heard alot of good things about your store,but i have yet to find a local store. if you could possibly send me a catalog so i can veiw exactly what you offer i would appreciate it.


    • 3/2/10 18:24 the Muse:

      angela I think you’re look for sephora, it’s at

      I am not Sephora, I’m Musings of a Muse


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