Beauty Most Unusual: Nightingale Droppings Facial Cream

Birds nest, crushed pearl powder, all of these are possibly different, unique Asian skincare techniques but Nightingale Droppings Facial Cream falls under the Beauty Most Unusual realm!

Bird poop in your moisturizer? They has it!

Check it after the jump!

I dunno about you but I’m not sure if I’m up for spreading bird sh..ahem…bird poop on my face. I’ve tried bird’s nest and crushed pearl powder as I believe everything and anything that Asian’s tell me about proper skincare but I may have to draw the line at Nightingale Droppings.

Supposedly the crap of a nightingale works as an incredible mask treatment for the skin by removing heavy makeup and leaving behind smooth and supple skin. Thankfully it’s a fragrance free experience.

Alright, if I’m honest I admit I’m curious……

Now where can I find a nightingale do you think?

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  • 10/1/09 11:27 Hilary:

    It actually works! I kinda didn’t read the label much but it made my skin soooo beautiful! I completely freaked out after I found out what it was though and I haven’t used it since. There was this show as well where they tested out nightingale poo as a face mask. Gold too. And then they used bull semen for a hair mask. It was kinda scary.


    • 10/1/09 11:32 the Muse:

      no kidding Hilary!? LOL! ewww bull semen…kinda scared at that 😀


  • 12/26/09 11:30 shaynaJo:

    i tried this too.. hahahah!!!!
    tried once and I can’t stand the smell and the look of it.. Drives me crazy thinking about having poo on my face and breathing through my mouth during the facial.. :S


    • 12/28/09 16:28 the Muse:

      lol shayna I’d go nuts if that was me 😀 understand the feeling!


  • 1/12/10 9:53 zed_x:

    haha isn’t bird’s nest about the same? It’s made from the saliva of swallows!


    • 1/12/10 9:57 the Muse:

      LOL don’t laugh too hard zed I’ve tried bird’s nest on numerous occasions :)


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