Fill In The Beauty Blank: Eyeliner

Fill in the Beauty blank with your favorite eyeliner that stays on all day and than click below to find out my pick!

I really dig Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners but I must admit that I’m a bigger fan of MAC Technakohl. It seems to last all day and never smears or wears off. The only thing I hate about it is the fact that once the sharp tip wears down it kinda turns into a useless liner for using anywhere else but my waterline. Regardless, I still adore it.

Now you fill in the beauty blank with your fav eyeliner that lasts all day!

  • 12/18/10 20:31 Casey:

    GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner.
    It’s a bit tricky to apply nicely and takes a bit to dry, but once it’s on and dried, it does NOT want to come off. I’ve fallen asleep in it and it still looked perfect the next day (not that I usually sleep with eyeliner still on).


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