Lush 13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt)

Only Lush would think it would be a good idea to combine oregano with rose. Is it me or does that somehow remind you of pizza for some odd reason or another?

Lush 13 Soap is a mix of rose and oregano and gets it’s name from a 1931 film about soap. I looked that up and didn’t see anything about it but I think I’d love a movie about soap…or cosmetics…or shower gels…hmmmm.

Lush 13 Soap is made with oregano because it supposedly kills MRSA bacteria, I dunno about that but from what I’m hearing from Lush fans it smells heavenly. But do go right ahead and count me skeptical…I’m still thinking pizza…must be the oregano.

It’s available now from Lush UK and soon after I’m sure it’ll come visit our side of the pond where we can enjoy it with pizza.

If you could create a Lush soap what ingredients would you use?

  • 9/12/09 21:31 dawn williams:

    well i created this one … and yes to start with it did have oregano sprinkled on top !!, but it was decided that was rather messy , so now it has the lovely pattern ..i hope its now available over there and you love it as much as we do in the uk .


  • 9/14/09 13:43 the Muse:

    dawn really? awesome 😀 I haven’t tried it yet as of yet since I placed a large Lush UK order a month or so ago and stocked up on my favs..and doh forgot to add this in darn!

    😀 can’t wait though!


  • 9/14/09 16:17 dawn williams:

    Yes Really !..and as you can imagine im extremly proud :-)
    And today i found out that a uk customer is claiming it helped heal her wound after nothing else worked !!!..and now her hospital consultant is going to show the hospital board !..and if you read the review comments (on uk website )another customer is saying the MRSA she had has been cured by my soap !…
    Do you order your lush direct from the uk ?
    If you are able to see my email address , email me your home address and i will send you a piece of “13 ” so you can try it .


    • 9/14/09 16:25 the Muse:

      incredible dawn and totally believe that. Lush has healing abilities for sure 😀 Steam cream changed my life!!!!!! 😀

      I always order Lush UK Direct 😀 but I’m the US! Wow thank you! I’ll def do that if you don’t mind shipping to the US. Very exciting news for you, congrats!!!!!!!

      I’m a big Lushie so I can appreciate all this great news 😀


  • 9/14/09 16:20 dawn williams:

    PS the film is “IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE “..1931 , you can youtube it , there is a poster in clip 6


    • 9/14/09 16:22 the Muse:

      thanks dawn! will do 😀


  • 10/4/09 10:38 Jules:

    Well done Dawn, I just bought some of this soap and I love it! I’ve never smelled anything like it before.


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