Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor Review and Swatches

All the members of the Total Beauty Network recently got a chance to try out the Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor that’s newly launched from Max Factor a few months ago. I read quite a flattering review about it on MUA and some other lovely words from fellow bloggers which had me eager to try it out for myself .

Jump ahead to hear the word on Max Factor Vidid Impact Lipcolor!

I’ve heard plenty of great reviews about this but I have to say it’s not really all that special. The pigmentation is decent, the lipstick applies smoothly enough but could be a bit more moisturizing, and the price is decent enough but I don’t see myself running to the store to pick up a few more. I only tried one color and honestly wasn’t all that impressed.

If anything I’m positive I can find a better drugstore lipstick than this in my humble opinion. Perhaps it was that the finish was the semi-matte? Or maybe it was the fact that the color applies somewhat dully without a hint of moisture or shine. The formula is a tad forgivable when gloss is placed on top but not by much.

If anything the variety of shades, 20 altogether, price tag of $7.99 or less, and nice pigmentation could appeal to some but for me I’ll skip. As for me I’m not running to my local drugstore to haul it anytime soon, no likey, just an uneventful lipstick for this Muse!

Anyone a fan?

What are some redeeming qualities you like about Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor?

Tell the Muse!

  • 10/7/10 16:26 Brooke:

    but it looked so nice on u..y wouldn’t u like it???????/


    • 10/7/10 16:28 the Muse:

      formula isn’t as hydrating as I like my lipsticks to be brooke. good pigmentation and applies well but sadly it doesn’t have a moisturizing formula.


  • 10/10/10 16:20 Brooke:

    wot’s ur fav lipstick then???


    • 10/12/10 13:36 the Muse:

      long gone T’estimo Lipsticks Brooke.


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