SOLD OUT Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

Sheesh I went to hit submit on my Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment order and it’s sold out. God guys couldn’t you wait until I got my order before snapping all of them up for yourselves?

Greedy little buggers.

Now I have to wait till it comes in stock no fairs!

24 hours after my post and it sells out, Who says I don’t influence your purchases teehee?

  • 12/23/09 15:31 sparklyblind:

    You prob already have by now but I managed to get mine kinda first in line & I’m not impressed really. I’ll just stick to the original. Seemed like a good idea but I saw nothing of what I was expecting, which was at least a “fresh” little tiny tint of color. How did you make out?


    • 12/29/09 12:32 the Muse:

      ah so so sparkly! I kinda dig the Dior one way better than this :) I still tote it in my purse for quickies but the Dior one seemed to have better payoff in the color department!


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