Want It: Sonia Kashuk Sheer Magic Mineral Face Palette

Can I tell you that I had Sonia Kashuk Sheer Magic Mineral Face Palette in my cart during my last trip to Target but I kept taking it out and putting it back, taking it out and putting it back.

Needless to say I left the store without the bloody thing because I’m so bleeding indecisive.

That’s where you come into play…help a Muse out….

Click ahead to learn how!

There isn’t any question I seriously want this little wonder palette. Is palette even the proper term to use? It’s basically a stackable set of mineral foundation, mineral blush, and a creamy concealer. There isn’t any palette here but hey whatever Sonia wants to name it is fine and dandy by this Muse!

It’s only $14.99 but my cart was loaded down and that extra $15 bucks for something that may or may not be good was kinda making me worry my bottom lip and bite my finger nails deciding did I really need mineral foundation in my life? Especially considering we don’t get along so well and all. The choice was turning into should we impeach Nixon or not. It was life altering that much I’ll tell you.

So the question is, do I need Sonia Kashuk Sheer Magic Mineral Face Palette in my life or is it something I can safely skip?

I’ll be honest and say the choice has kept me up at night for the better part of the week and I’m having a bad case of non buyer’s remorse and wishing I had indulged.

It’s so damn hard being the Muse sometimes.


  • 1/30/10 20:58 Janice:

    I did the exact same thing you did with this product the other day at Target. Ultimately, I didn’t buy it either, but I just saw the user reviews on target.com and they are all really good. One thing that held me back from buying this is that color of the foundation and concealer looked really dark. I have light/medium – olive skin (similar to Penelope Cruz’s skin – and no, I’m not claiming that I at all look like Penelope Cruz – I wish!) and the colors I would normally think would match my skin looked SO dark, especially the concealer – and too dark concealer is never a good thing. Plus, like you, my skin tends to be dry, especially in the winter – so mineral makeup is not my friend, as much as I want it to be. The only mineral makeup I like is Everyday Minerals (they have a great mineral powder concealer btw). I’ve also read some compelling reviews of Sonia Kashuk’s “Hidden Agenda” concealer palette on makeup alley. Have you tried it? I think you should add it to your list of concealers to try! My local Target was out of them last time I checked. In fact, the whole Sonia Kashuk section was looking pretty bare.


  • 3/11/12 23:40 Marcy:

    I just snagged this a couple days ago after doing the same thing several times. So glad I have this in my arsenal now. It goes on smooth and light and feels great. I am so pale and was in need of a lighter foundation for the kids soccer and football games and running out to breakfast with the fam. The blush is beautiful but the concealer I was unimpressed with. It is by far darker than the foundation and not bendable and blah. The packaging is ok. Could be improved. If you could switch the lid from the foundation with the lid from the blush, that in itself would be an improvement but they made them specific to each pot. Overall I am very impressed. I just worry that I will run out of foundation way before blush and will end up stock piling those jars for just left over blush.


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